Car Lease CLO Releases Two New Studies on Leasing Behavior

Studies show that men and women differ on car leases, and that research plays an important role in car leasing.

Car Lease Offers, an online leasing organization that uses algorithms to analyze data and rank the best offers on car leasing in the U.S., has released two new studies about the car leasing habits of consumers. Car lease CLO, an industry leader in research on leases and leasing agreements, uses their research to find the best lease offers for consumers so they can make informed choices about their car leasing options.

The first study released by Car lease CLO found that men and women differ when leasing cars. First, women are more likely than men to lease a car. The researchers found that 23% of women would lease a vehicle, as opposed to 15% of men. In addition, women aged 18 to 30 years old lease more cars than anyone, at 31%. Women also find the leasing experience more enjoyable: 33% of women in the study said leasing was a more enjoyable experience than buying a car, perhaps because leasing options are more straightforward and the women feel they are getting a better deal through leasing.

The second study released by Car lease CLO discusses the importance of doing research on leases and leasing options before buying. In the research study, Car lease CLO compared the leases on two different cars: a 2018 Ford Focus, and a 2018 Acura ILX sedan. While it was assumed that the Acura sedan would have a more expensive lease, because it is a more expensive car, researchers found that it is in fact a better deal as a result if research is done before leasing the car, as customers would then be able to bargain to get the lease for close to the same price as the Ford Focus, but with a higher value car.
Car Lease Options continues to do research such as the research studies above in an effort to find customers the best possible leasing deal for their money.

About Car Lease CLO: Car Lease CLO has a mission to improve the car shopping experience of consumers especially for leasing. They frequently analyze date with their in-house algorithm allowing them to create a scoring and ranking system which helps users minimize their expenditure. The website offers a variety of tools enabling shoppers to understand the intricacies of leasing to making an informed decision.

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