Canoja Technologies Offers Swift Marijana License Verification Between Businesses In The Legal States

Canoja Technologies is an American-based consulting firm that specializes in cannabis tracking and cannabis protocols. Canoja Marketplace and Canoja Verify are designed to help cannabis businesses thrive in this new, largely untested market.

With medical marijuana becoming legal in the vast majority of US states, the legality of marijuana used for recreational purposes skyrocketed over the last few years. The licenses and regulations regarding legal weed laws are still new, and most businesses rely on leaks to keep ahead of the game.

Canoja Technologies is a brand that offers easily applicable solutions for legal cannabis retailers and manufacturers. Marijuana license protocols are complex even without the fact that they are changing rapidly; Canoja Technologies houses a team of experts that can ensure the transition into legitimacy goes smoothly and legally.

Canoja Verify was designed to verify the legitimacy of a business and test the legal compliance aspects of a particular business:

“This automated and cloud-enabled platform serves as a cannabis license aggregation service. Put simply, CanojaVerify is the solution you need to verify business legitimacy and compliance of your own business as well as any potential partner businesses. With CanojaVerify, you can conduct business with confidence in every state, territory, and some countries.”

Canoja Verify is available for free, offering the most basic data and details regarding the latest license data in legal states. Basic, Premium, and Enterprise subscription plans offer more advanced features, including custom reporting, filtering, and API-based custom queries.

Canoja Verify can enhance the performance of any cannabis business by verifying legal compliance, simple integration methods, and access to new clients and audiences:

“By identifying which businesses are licensed and compliant, you have access to a list of potential clients and partners. With the info delivered through CanojaVerify, you can discover new audiences. Use the information included in our solution to add new source fields to your point of sale systems.”

More information on Canoja Technologies, Canoja Verify, and Canoja Marketplace is available on the brand’s official website. An in-depth dive into the company’s journey and vision is available over on the Entrepreneur Podcast, featuring special guest Rich Campbell.

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