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Every year, around 3000 Swiss patients get cannabis-based therapy under the careful supervision of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. However, this drug still has a sour image among medical experts as well as regular individuals on the street.

Nonetheless, there is now indisputable evidence that cannabis is effective in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain. Opioids, on the other hand, are increasingly being chastised for their negative side effects and their high potential of abuse.

As a result, most industrialized nations' laws are being compelled to modernize. Switzerland is in the forefront of this regulatory sector, and the Federal Council has planned a market liberalization by the end of 2022. However, there is still a risk in allowing patients to purchase on the black market since some contraindications need strict monitoring by physicians. Furthermore, relatively few physicians were taught in that discipline throughout their studies. So far, the majority of them have chosen to employ synthetic compounds made by huge labs rather than experience cannabis. As a result, the current onerous approach that has prevailed till now is extremely likely to persist for many years. A committee of Swiss prominent scientists founded to ease access to cannabis for those in need and to offer a rigorous scientific basis for the application of this natural medication. Initially, the platform offers the general public with a variety of scientifically proven material, and inquiries about the scientific aspects of cannabis may be submitted to the committee. The service is also available for German-speaking patients under the following name:

However, the platform may also assist any cannabis therapy applicant in validating his eligibility for a medical treatment. In precise words, each patient anonymously rates the severity of their symptoms online (9 in total) and specifies whether or not he suffers from various illnesses. This data is then processed by an algorithm derived from hundreds of clinical cases. Within two days (each submission is thoroughly reviewed), the patient receives a full eligibility report that has to be reviewed by a doctor. Based on these objective facts, the doctor will establish his diagnosis and will choose one of three cannabis-based posologies that have been pre-calibrated for the patient's specific circumstance.

The doctor is given the option to substantiate his prescription by asking a panel of expert scientists upon request. Two additional benefits provided by the platform are intended to assure the treatment: to begin with, all chosen goods are made in Switzerland by Bioligo SA, a Swissmedic-approved laboratory that has been in operation since 1985. The second important element is that treatment success is reviewed on a monthly basis and compared to other patients. Last but not least, Laboratoire Bioligo SA handles all administrative processes for authorizations, allowing physicians to concentrate on their primary profession.

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