Canine Fashion Guru Launches Style and Safety Column for Dogs

Top Rules of K9 Style Will Be Covered on

It’s a dogs world when it come to fashion, but there are rules humans need to follow according to Canine Fashion Guru Danielle Long; it’s a matter of both style and canine safety. This prompted Ms. Long, a dog and fashion enthusiast to launch her canine advice column on so that any dog owner can now feel assured they are dressing Fido or Fifi properly.

Dog fashion rules, are inspired by the rules that guide humans; after all it’s the human pet parents that make the clothing buying and dressing decisions. So it’s the humans, and not the dogs, who need educating on K9 Style dos and don’ts.

Lest you think this a frivolous, consider these spending patterns on their pet family members ”Total 2014 Pet Industry revenue is estimated at $58.51 Billion dollars”, according to the National Pet Owners Survey, “with dog and cats accounting for the largest share of revenue. Expenditures now far exceed those required for the basic standard for pet living, with luxury goods such as fancy pet houses and expensive pet clothing becoming increasingly popular." Dog clothing options now include top brands from Ralph Lauren to Major League Baseball and Harley Davidson.

This is serious business, so it’s important to know the rules. It can also be a matter of life and death for canines. While clothing and accessories are cute and fun, they can add health benefits such as protection from the elements. Fashion can also pose safety risks to canines; for example if clothing is ill fitting, the dog can get tangled in it, or trip on it.

“It’s exciting to see dog parents interested in helping bring out their canine’s unique style via clothing and accessories, though sometimes I suspect the owner is pushing their own sense of style. We now have a great abundance and variety of choices in dog clothing to suit any taste and budget. I want to make sure that dogs remain stylish and always safe,” stated Ms. Long, the Canine Fashion Guru.

The Canine Fashion Guru, Danielle Long is a lifelong dog lover has been dressing her own dogs since she was a child. She has been advising friends and clients about canine fashion for years. Her column, ‘Canine Fashion Guru’ appears on Yorkie News Network.

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