Canberra Home Owners Property Value Increases Due To New Aggregate Concrete Driveway

A new Concrete Driveway In Canberra has boosted the value of a local homeowners property. Read more on how concreting in Canberra is the new homeowners strategy to improve their home value.

Canberra, Australia - Property investment, ownership and development is a favorite past time for many Aussies, with soaring property prices over the last 15 to 20 years creating a generation of new millionaires. Whilst many people look to purchase an investment property or two, many people are taking a different route to wealth, and instead looking to increase the value of their family home through various means such as kitchen renovations, extensions, or complete makeovers.

The Johnston family in Monash, Canberra are one such family who recently decided to invest in their family home and decided that a new concrete driveway was not only needed, but also a fantastic way to completely change the look and vibe of their home, make it appear more modern, and in turn, increase it's market value. Paul Johnston, the father of the house stated "Our previous driveway was quite old, had a lot of cracks, and was crumbling in many areas to the point that we had small potholes, so a new driveway was definitely needed. We settled on an aggregate concrete driveway as we felt it would complement our home the best, and not only that but it's estimated value has increased quite a bit, much more than the cost of the driveway, so it's well and truly paid for itself already.

Scott from Ace Concreting Canberra, a local concreting contractor in Canberra explained that people get new driveways for a variety of reasons, and that increasing their property value is always something people consider. "Whilst most people may genuinely need a new driveway, when they realise their house value will increase as well many people are much happier and enthusiastic to go ahead with the job, as they feel like they're essentially making money despite the significant upfront cost for a new driveway." he stated. "Your driveway is one of the first things people notice when they arrive at your house so it's important to make sure it looks good. Driveways are generally poured in a similar way but there are countless different styles, colours and designs we can do so that no 2 driveways look the same, and we can customise it to your current property. Aggregate and stenciled concrete are two of our most popular styles."

Now that the Johnston family have their new concrete driveway in place they're thinking about doing some more concrete work. "Our backyards been a bit of a mess for a while so we're looking at maybe a stenciled concrete patio area and perhaps a concrete path leading to our shed along with some extensive landscaping as well. It works out great for us in the long run as we get a much nicer outdoor area that we're not embarrassed about and knowing that our house's value has increased significantly as well just makes it a no brainer." Stated Mr Johnston

Whilst property prices across the nation and Canberra continue to boom we expect to see more families such as the Johnston's investing in their property, which is great for local concreter contractors such as the team at Ace Concreting Canberra.

If anyone in Canberra is in need of a new driveway or looking for a evermore popular way to increase the value of their house, Ace Concreting Canberra service all throughout the ACT and are happy to offer obligation free quotes on your new concrete driveway, you can visit their website at

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