Canadian Health Corporation XLNCE, extends dog life by 3.5 years

Liquid Dog Multi-Vitamin Formula - "Fountain of Youth" adds years to canine lifespan

North of the border, an independent family run business in Canada is quietly making strides towards extending canine life expectancy. XLNCE in Health Corp. recently announced that after almost four years of testing they have improved and extended both the quality and length of life for "Man's Best Friend".

Their Extra Strength Dietary Supplement - MightyBites a fluid form multivitamin for dogs enjoys Amazon Canada's "Best Seller" ranking and can also be found on

The research study led by Dr. Brandon Ciau, MU, took a random sampling of 1900 dogs from across North America ages 1 - 15. The pets were divided into 6 subject groups, fed 5 different multivitamin formulas with 5 separate formats plus allowed for one control group who were given none.

"We were more than happy to hear such conclusive results" said Mason Taylor, public relations for XLNCE.

The study confirmed that dogs did not just prefer the taste of the formula but those who consumed the liquid format enjoyed "an overall improvement in health" versus all groups. The study concluded dogs fed a liquid multivitamin lived on average 3.5 years longer than the group of dogs who were not fed any.

Taylor attributes the test results to the absorptive quality of fluids. "Liquid nutrients absorb from a dog's digestive tract to bloodstream 98% more efficiently than solid foods, treats or other supplement formats." He also maintained that the all-natural beef formula is safely enjoyed by man and dog alike.

MightyBites are currently available only on Amazon to Canadian and American customers. XLNCE plans to launch their supplement chain in the European Marketplace in early 2019. More information on XLNCE and their natural health products can be found on Amazon and

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