Canadian Artist says Inktober propelled the start of his Comics series

Canadian artist - FRXST - says the Inktober challenge propelled him to finally turn his childhood dream of becoming a comic artist into reality.

Canadian artist and musician - FRXST - says the Inktober challenge is what propelled him to finally start his own comic series. Although not a new inspiration, it took him doing the challenge this October to realize it was something he not only could do, but would enjoy doing.

In an interview with Kobra Dynasty this evening - FRXST says he started drawing the original characters of his comic series for years but never thought it was actually possible to turn that into a published series despite the encouragement of his friends.

“It’s one of those things you keep pushing off and tell yourself you will get to it someday. Over a decade later I realize someday doesn’t come by itself.” says FRXST.

FRXST says he has been aware of the annual Inktober challenge for a number of years now and always wanted to do it, but somehow never had enough drive to make it happen until this year’s Inktober 2019 challenge.

Inktober was originally started by artist Jake Parker to spur on artists to draw something every day for the month of October. Artists are given a list with random words on it - one for each day of the month - and are challenged to come up with a drawing that demonstrates what the word means to the artist.

“It is such a good idea. Every artist will have a unique interpretation of what that word means to them” says FRXST.

“I personally was not a huge fan of the official list and opted for the list one of my favorite artists - known as Artgerm - came out with. I liked his version of the challenge - which is mainly a collection of comic and anime characters - and decided I was going to do that one instead even if I didn't know a lot of the anime characters. And so I did.”

FRXST goes on to say that the biggest challenge he found - while doing the Inktober challenge - was not a lack of inspiration, but discipline: needing to stay committed and dedicated even when not feeling like it.

“I realized my biggest issue wasn’t my lack of time. I had plenty of time to finish a piece of artwork each day. I also realized it wasn’t inspiration. Once I sat down to draw, I had plenty of inspiration. The biggest issue I found was self-discipline. Showing up - every day - and getting it done without a list of sorry excuses!”

FRXST says he is determined to finish off this Inktober challenge and keep the momentum going as he switches over to finish an EP of music then diving deep into the journey of starting a comic.

“I am still not exactly sure when I will be ready to officially come out with my own comic series as I'm still writing the scripts for it. But feel I have learned enough from doing this Inktober challenge to at least get the ball rolling” concluded FRXST.

To learn more about FRXST, his artwork and music, check out his website at or his Instagram outlet @theFRXST.

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