Canada E Cigs Release Review Results For The Best Three Brands In Canada

Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity across Canada, and Canada E Cigs has launched a meta-review to determine the top three suppliers in the country.

Electronic cigarettes are proving a godsend for smokers who don’t wish to quit or can’t, but are feeling increasingly ostracized by public smoking bans, increased taxes and pricing, and health based warnings on every packet. Electronic cigarettes are already huge in the US and Germany, and are now growing in popularity throughout Canada. Canada E Cigs is a new website that has done extensive research into the best providers in the country and has now published their top 3 e cigarette providers in Canada, to give consumers the ability to make informed choices.

The E Cigarettes companies reviewed are all of Canadian or North American origin to ensure easy shipping. The reviews of each result in them being ranked in order, and it is the small advantage of pre-filled cartridges that puts the winner over the top.

Each company profile is in a standardized format and they are judged accord to five sub-categories before they are given an overall rating. The judged aspects of the company include customer service, vapor quality, accessories, flavor choice and flavor quality. These categories reflect the present reality of the E Cigarette, which offers far more flexible options than traditional combustible cigarettes.

A spokesperson for Canada E Cigs explained, “Realistically consumers don’t want to have too many choices; an excess of providers creates a kind of choice paralysis that actually stops consumers from making decisions and results in lower sales across the board. By analyzing and researching the top providers then making our recommendations in a standardized and informed manner, we are helping customers to make the right consumer decisions according to their needs and helping them feel safe in trusting a leading provider. We know from feedback people who visit Canada Ecigs are delighted with the experience.”

About Canada E Cigs:
Canada E Cigs was established in 2012 with one goal in mind and that is to bring attention to the growing electronic cigarette industry within Canada and to sort through the myriad of suppliers who have recently flooded the Canadian market place. They have spent countless hours researching numerous electronic cigarette distributors in Canada and they have compiled a list of who they feel are the best suppliers in the industry.

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