CANA Token Makes Impressive Debut with IEO, A Crypto Coin Redeemable with Cannabis Seeds

An industry first, cannabis seeds are now redeemable using the novel Cana token. The team at CANA Token LTD was delighted to make the announcement today

September 7, 2020 – An industry first, cannabis seeds are now redeemable using the novel Cana token. The team at CANA Token LTD was delighted to make the announcement today. Cana token has been hailed as a development that every cannabis enthusiast can appreciate. This includes cannabis foundations, vendors, investors growers, and just about everyone within the industry.

This revolutionary token and platform held its first round of sale in an IEO in August 2020, with more rounds to go. The idea to make Cana tokens redeemable against cannabis seeds is a novel concept. Its relevance to the cannabis market makes it all the more impressive. Token holders will now be shielded from disappointments arising from tokens being devalued overtime. Connecting the CANA tokens to cannabis seeds means that holders/investors can always sell the token for seeds held in vaults one-to-one, without regard to the actual value of the token.

The Cannabis crypto token has received raving endorsements from the Cannabis Foundation, seed storage vaults, redeemable tokens, cannabis testing solutions, and more. The Cana token foundation is a decentralized grower’s network. Token holders can reclaim the seeds with the help of open surveys in each available cycle.

The Cannabis Seed ERC20 Token (CANA) is a global currency to support the development, storage, testing and distribution of cannabis seeds around the world. The token will support the making of seeds and accumulation in temperature-controlled, flame-resistant seed vaults until a limit of 12 million seeds for reclamation has been met.

“The Cana token opens the doors for picking powerful and costly seeds through network surveys. The trading will happen on a decentralized platform. The seed strains will be cultivated by chosen, decentralized cultivators with in-house quality assessment team,” said a spokesperson for Cana token.

The Cana token benefits at a glance:

- Token backed seeds as store of value
- Privacy from banks for seed purchases
- Global seed growing polls for purchase
- Trading on decentralized exchanges
- A decentralized growers network
- Redeemable tokens for seeds

For live information on vaults, the seed storehouse will display the strains, seed numbers, the current temperature and stickiness. This is a platform for expert cultivators to exchange high heredity quality seeds. Purchasers will get detailed information on additives, developing mediums, water sums, light calendar, levels of CBD and THC, etc., thus knowing the entire germination to maturity process.
The Cana Foundation will be formed in January 2021. It will help with funding for medicinal startups, discover local projects and carry out other activities.

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