CampusReel Launches A Crowdsourced-Platform To End Expensive College Tours

Brooklyn-based tech company, CampusReel, has launched its eponymous platform, allowing college students to create video tours that applicants can use to get a closer look at prospective choices without having to pay for expensive in-person campus tours.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, CampusReel is a newly launched digital platform that aims to make it easier for future college students to learn about the environments of the schools they want to join. As such, CampusReel hopes to end the trend of expensive college tours that force families of students to go out-of-pocket to find the best higher education experience available. It does this by utilizing the videos and content created by current students of hundreds of colleges.

A valuable tool in the college search process
A single college visit can run upwards of $2,000. Plane rides, long drives, lodging, meals and taking time off all combine to create a very large financial burden for many college-bound students and their families. However, these trips are incredibly important for understanding the culture, look, feel and nebulous “vibe” of a college campus.

Beyond the college’s own marketing materials, there are very few ways to get to the bottom of each school’s environment. CampusReel is quickly changing that. The platform crowdsources tens of thousands of videos made by current college students, who show prospective students and families everything from dorm room tours to graduation traditions and dinner in the dining halls.

The platform is designed to make you feel like you have a friend on campus and provide insight into the elusive “vibe” that no other platform has been able to capture. Users can spend a day in the life with a chemistry major, an international student, or a student-athlete, depending on who they gravitate to. CampusReel also allows colleges to market themselves in new, creative ways.

How CampusReel works
The website serves as a digital platform that allows current college students to upload video tours. These tours include overviews, showcases of dorms and cafeterias, close looks at social life on the campus, academics, and interviews with other students.

The newly launched website allows users to browse colleges and universities by different categories, such as Ivy League, Liberal Arts, Most Competitive, West Coast, and East Coast. There is also a US-spanning map that shows which schools across the nation already have CampusReel video tours to explore. These results also show acceptance rates, net prices, and ratings of video tours available, so that prospective college students can further narrow their choices to the options that best suit them.

CampusReel aims to be a significant step towards eliminating expensive college tours and is already leveraging tens of thousands of videos to replace the traditional tour experience. The platform will only continue to grow, and you can find out more about it on the CampusReel website.


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