Camp Xcel South Gate Member Loses Over 100 Pounds

Ricardo Alvarado, Camp Xcel South Gate member, has registered a loss of more than one hundred pounds. He made the commitment to himself and after only 11 months has reached his initial goal.

Ricardo Alvarado lost over 100 pounds through participation in Camp Xcel South Gate, a fitness boot camp dedicated to helping members get in great shape and feel happy with the results. Ricardo's weight loss journey began with an itch and a feeling that he wanted to lose weight. CampXcel made a Facebook post and wrote a blog post to document his path. Ricardo began the weight loss by making a commitment to himself. He came into the boot camp, followed the process and took action daily toward his desired goal.

Ricardo offered his tips for staying motivated, “The coaches kept me going with their advice. I was helped by being in a group atmosphere. I could see others doing things that originally seemed impossible. I was soon able to do them too. I hoped to motivate my family to be more active. I was able to show them that is is possible to lose weight, using determination and motivation”.

In a period of less than a year, Ricardo lost over 100 pounds. His average loss was nine pounds each month. As with many individuals, Ricardo had days when showing up for the workout session seemed too difficult. Eating a burger or giving up seemed like the better way to spend the time. He indicates that he was able to fall in love with the process because he was seeing results throughout the weeks and months.

The most difficult part of working out and getting in shape is the mental exercise of actually going to the gym. It is easy to find something else to do or decide to take a rest day or a cheat meal.

Ricardo has reached his initial goal, but is not finished. Rather than being content when the goal was reached, Ricardo set new targets. He wants to lose fifteen more pounds, lose belly fat and build more muscle.

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