Camistry Launches Cryptocurrency Token And Cam Service Aimed At Providing A Safe And Fun Platform For Performers And Users

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Cryptocurrency allows for a much safer and discreet NSFW content interaction and allows performers to keep 90% of all their earnings, compared to other platforms which take upwards of 40% in commissions.

Camistry launched a safe and fun platform for performers and users from all over the world, granting access to unique and exclusive content on demand and in real time, via an alternative payment method that gives users full anonymity.

The Camistry platform is one of its kind and the first platform to fully provide a revolutionary adult content sharing service, free from the usual issues surrounding traditional online adult entertainment platforms.

Through their website, Camistry allows for performers and users to learn about safety, crypto trading and their rights as content creators and users. Camistry provides a completely discreet payment system which also allows users to pay performers a higher percentage and tip at their discretion.

Camistry’s NSFW platform will help tackle creator's content being stolen, cloned and resold. In addition to this, all transactions on the platform are carried out on a secure blockchain to guarantee safety and security at all times.

Camistry also focuses on training and teaching performers how to market themselves and improve profitability, making it a unique environment that empowers performers who get to keep 90% of their earnings, which is a much higher income than other platforms.

Camistry also features exclusion of ‘charge-backs’ from users and combines the cam service with a subscription-styled platform which allows for the fair pay and treatment of performers.

Where other 18+ cryptocurrencies have all failed to execute, and have not met their promise, Camistry intends to bring genuine value to the market by developing a platform that functions as intended, while empowering performers and users.

Camistry aims at female empowerment and stands-out as a team that is aiming to improve the experience and profitability for women and all performers from all industries, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations and backgrounds.

Camistry raised over 170 BNB (Binance Coin) in presale, all of which went into the liquidity pool to help avoid a big pump and dump like can happen to many new cryptos. Within just 3 days of launching the CEX token on Pancakeswap the market cap flew past $1m and reached over $5m in 9 days.

The team then burnt 36% of supply and got focused on delivering the new-look platform which was created with feedback from the community. Now that the new design has been completed, the focus has returned to attracting new models and future users of the platform, as well as completing the custom payment processor which will go live soon and the website will be actively generating income for our performers.

The Camistry team have been onboarding performers using a custom KYC process which provides industry-leading security and an assurance that they can avoid the issues which have plagued the adult entertainment industry for years around knowing who is uploading content and that they are legally allowed to do so.

Among these newly onboarded models is Brittany Andrews, AVN Hall of Fame star and crypto enthusiast who mentioned “I really think that this type of platform is a game changer for the adult entertainment industry”.

“The Camistry team looks forward to growing the potential subscribers for all of these models and performers as we grow together, and having such wonderful and enthusiastic people on our side from the start we know the sky's the limit”.

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Contact Info:
Name: Adolfo Lopez Serrano Reyes
Email: Send Email
Organization: Camistry
Address: Australia

Release ID: 89065441

Name: Adolfo Lopez Serrano Reyes
Email: Send Email
Organization: Camistry
Address: Australia