Camille Cabrera's New Valentine's Day Murder Mystery Book, OUR PERFECT MURDER, Likely to Top Charts in 2023

Camille Cabrera's new Valentine's Day murder mystery novel, Our Perfect Murder, likely to top charts in early 2023. The top ranking author intertwines her first Latina protagonist into the center of a rapidly unraveling small town horror story.

OUR PERFECT MURDER is already garnering attention months before its January 2023 release. Powerhouse mystery writer Camille Cabrera has managed to cram the production of two enthralling novels into six months. Her current release, CHRONOMETER, recently topped the top 10 on multiple Amazon charts. Now, one question remains, will her newest novel manage to live up to her skyrocketing reputation? As far as authors go, the Los Angeles native remains relatively new to the darker proclivities of the genre. At a mere 26 years of age, the witty, sharp-tongued writer has already published four novels. She specializes in a varied range of mystery novel subgenres, from cozy mystery to noir. If the season calls for a murder, then Ms. Cabrera will find a way to craft an exquisite story.

Given the previews, Cabrera's newest mystery novel holds true to her iconic pattern. Her upcoming story centers on a familiar holiday to throw the reader off-balance. She delves into the realm of commonplace and sows spectacular seeds of doubt about each and every character. This Valentine's Day, there are no white knights or clean palms in sight when it comes to games of the heart.

Ms. Cabrera tactfully places Ember Lopez into a quickly unraveling modern horror story. Members of the small town are dropping like flies. The one person that might have all the answers is the only person stuck in the center of the killer's twisted web.

OUR PERFECT MURDER Teaser: Ember Lopez is a massive true crime fan. She adores detailed documentaries and often speaks on her podcast about her strange and obscure theories. Her theories often involve cold cases lost to the past and shoved into long-forgotten storage cabinets. Of course, it's all fun and games until the crime strikes close to home.

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