Camcito Group Launches Latest Resources Fostering Surging Home Security Interest

Technology has come close to generating the power to be everywhere all the time, publishes

According to reports from market research firm Publications, the global video surveillance industry more than tripled from 2008 through last year’s end. While a portion of this upsurge is attributed to federal, state and local spending, the domestic sector also has a hand in current sales figures. In light of this ramped-up interest in home security, Steve Miller of camcito has launched the website’s latest informational resources.

Said Miller, “Security is on everyone’s mind these days, and with good reason. Just watching the evening news is enough to make us question the world we live in. Our website was created to provide readers all the information they need to foster their own safety as well as that of their homes and families. This newly released material is simply our latest step in achieving our ultimate goal. No one can be everywhere all the time, but thanks to technology, we're able to come much closer than ever before.”

Articles detailing the various types of video monitoring systems available are among the resources offered on In addition to the options currently on the market, the website describes their potential uses. Whereas some systems are ideal for use as baby monitors, others serve as whole-house surveillance solutions. Certain systems are stationary while others are wireless. Articles provided also note the potential reasons for and benefits of having these systems installed.

The website likewise provides reviews on various surveillance products. Points covered include features of each system, their benefits versus drawbacks, price ranges and where each can be purchased. Reviews touch on visible nanny cams, hidden camera options, dash cams and an array of multi-purpose systems.

“Systems and products discussed on our website give parents greater peace of mind by allowing them to watch over their young children while they’re in other areas of the home, but the applications reach much further than that,” concluded Miller. “They can keep tabs on their teenagers, elderly parents, pets and caretakers at the same time. When it comes to being on the road, dash cams give them accident footage for evidence in court and provide useful images in the event of a break-in. These are only a few of the potential uses for the surveillance systems we talk about.”

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