Californo Gears Up For At-Home Dining Across America From Expanded Location In Miami, FL

100% USA-made Brick Pizza Oven Company Open New Location Due To Increased Demand For Restaurant-Quality Pizza Without The Risk As Covid Concerns Lead To Uptick In Home Cooking.

CALIFORNO’s move to a new location at Hallandale Beach in Miami, Florida comes on the heels of needing an expanded production capacity to meet higher consumer demand during the COVID crisis.

Pizza ovens allow people to entertain friends and family alfresco (in the open air) with restaurant-quality pizza in the comfort of your own backyard. This has been made easier during these challenging times with Californo Pizza Ovens being built or installed at homes all across America.

In the pandemic, people’s lives have become more centered on their homes, so sales of home appliances have been on the rise. Since pizza ovens are affordable, easy to build from a kit, or install assembled, and energy-efficient, more and more people are buying their own brick oven to make pizza right at home in their backyards.

Californo’s easy to install, 100% US-made oven kits, as well as fully assembled ovens, are handcrafted on site using traditional Italian methods perfected over centuries. With the help of modern technology, Californo has taken the original Neapolitan oven design to new heights. “True Dome Shape” - allows for a higher cooking temperature that results in even, faster cooking time, crispier toppings, delicious flavor and a better crust with a unique smoke-infused crunch.

These domed ovens are eco-friendly and do not require electricity or gas to operate and as the Winter months mount will provide a dual usage.- cooking and outdoor heating!

When wood is used to heat a brick oven, the fire produces hot coals and embers which are then raked out to heat the entire cooking surface throughout with an even heat to ensure uniform cooking of both the top and the bottom of the pizza. Gas ovens tend to rely on heating from the top, and as well as the fossil fuel used to fire the oven is less eco-friendly.

Fire brick and clay have some wonderful insulating properties, making it a great component in the cooking process. One of the main benefits of a true dome brick oven is that it distributes the heat exceptionally evenly, the end result being perfectly baked, crisp, professional pizza - or other dishes!

The size of ovens vary - a medium Garzoni residential pizza oven is the best option for daily use. These medium-sized ovens have about a 2-3 foot wide interior, which allows them to heat up in less than one hour, and you can cook between 2-6 pizzas at a time. Commercial ovens, the Verona models with larger capacities are also available - and can be custom -built with some stunning tile finishes. Examples can be seen on

Last but not least, outdoor dining can arrive anywhere - with the new Carello Pizza Oven Trailer. Suitable for inspired business owners who want to bring fresh wood-fired pizza to the people anywhere!

Cooking is truly one of life’s great pleasures. Buon Appetito!

More about Californo

Founded by Shali Zanzuri in 2005. These 100% US-handmade ovens take traditional Italian Neapolitan oven design methods, perfected over centuries, and mix with modern technology to provide the “True Dome Shape”.

There are only a handful of wood fired pizza oven companies in the US. Most of these wood burning pizza oven companies have started importing their products from different countries instead of manufacturing them. But lightweight wood fired ovens are not usually suitable in quality or construction to last the years outside. Californo has crafted the secret to keeping manufacture in the USA and affordability within budgets.

Authentic wood fired ovens are made of firebrick and special made-in-USA materials that hold up and have the superior material characteristics Californo uses to manufacture its wood burning ovens. Californo has taken it one step further by developing and perfecting the high temperature refractory concrete mix which mimics firebrick in its application.

American ingenuity not only provides the consumer with a substantial savings, delicious outdoor at-home cooking, but also stays authentic to original traditional form and function.

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