California’s Vote For Legalizing Recreational Use Of Cannabis Gives Rise To New Types Of Businesses

New businesses start to flourish after Cannabis is legalized in more and more places

After the recent vote, which took place on the 8th of November, Californians voted to make Cannabis legal for recreational use. California is now the largest state to legalize Marijuana and therefore the largest Cannabis market in the US as mentioned by Los Angeles Times here: This of course will come with its consequences, good ones being the rise of new types of business that will handle Cannabis related products.

The history of how Cannabis came to be as widely accepted as it is now, is quite interesting and convoluted at the same time. As described here,, the first good turn for Cannabis took place in 1996 when California decided to create a medical Cannabis program. It allowed sufferers of serious, often incurable diseases, such as AIDS or cancer, to ease their pain through using this herb. However, patients could only use it if they had a doctor’s prescription. In 2010 further restrictions were removed making access to Cannabis much easier. The same year has also seen another change in legislation making possession of up to one ounce of Cannabis just a misdemeanour; a crime equal in weight to receiving a speeding ticket.

The continuously improving acceptance of Cannabis has now allowed it to be fully legal in numerous states, the number of which grows as well. This in turn allows for new businesses to be established and flourish in the new market. Cannabis blogs like The Junky G have taken it upon themselves to make sure customers have access to the best quality of Cannabis seeds. The website reviews different types of seeds. It also points out the best places to source them from in various countries. It goes even further and reviews specific vendors in those countries to make the purchase process as easy as possible.

A spokesperson from The Junky G said: ‘Now more than ever people need a quick way to know where to purchase Cannabis products in countries where it already is legal. It’s similar to every other product out there. People want to know as much as they can before they buy. They want to be sure they buy it from the right place. That’s why we’ve created The Junky G’. Anyone interested in Cannabis related products or news should visit their site and subscribe to their newsletter.

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