California Workmans Comp Lawyer Explains Injured Employee Rights

An injury at work is a complex problem. Many people have little to no understanding of what their rights are, and many also worry about making the situation worse by claiming against their employer. Hence, a California Workmans Comp Lawyer has released information to allow workers to gain a greater understanding of what their rights actually are when it comes to getting injured in the workplace.

"Too often, people don't understand what sort of cover they have if they are injured on the job," explains Kevin Cortright, a Riverside County Workers Compensation Lawyer. "They don't know that they can have their medical treatment covered, or that they are entitled to disability benefits, for instance. As a workmans comp lawyer, I have made it my mission to inform people about what they can expect if they have suffered a work related injury."

Following an injury at work, a good Workmans Comp Lawyer can ensure that people fully understand their right to medical treatment. Although medical treatment has become more affordable thanks to the Affordable Care Act, it is still important to make sure people know that the medical costs associated with their injury should be charged to their employer and not to their own insurance.

Similarly, a good California workmans comp lawyer should be able to help people make sense out of the welfare and social security system. Workers are entitled to disability benefits, some of which may be paid for by their employer, and others that are paid for by the government. Being unable to work as a result of a workplace injury should never lead to financial hardship. Unfortunately, it could happen as people do not know what their rights are.

Another element that the Riverside County Injury Lawyer would want to focus on is that people have rights when they return to work.

"Too often, people do not put in compensation claims against their employers because they fear they will be fired or dismissed as a result," added Kevin Cortright. "What I want to ensure is that people understand they are well within their rights to make a claim and to return to work if and when their physical condition allows it. I can also help to support both the injured party and the employer in making the transition back into work as smooth as possible."

At the same time, Kevin Cortright wants to be realistic in as such that there are often disputes over claims. Indeed, if there weren't, there wouldn't be any need for a workmans comp attorney at all. It is also for this reason that it is so important to hire an excellent attorney who is able to properly represent the injured party.

Hiring a Workmans Comp Attorney who understands the various employment, employer and employee rights is incredibly important. Those who need more information can use the contact details below to find out how a good lawyer is able to help them and represent them at this time.

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