California Maternity Health Insurance Downgraded Under Obamacare

New report from SPF Insurance analyzes the best health care reform maternity plans in California.

A new report from SPF Insurance Services, California Maternity Insurance After Obamacare, shows that the best Obamacare maternity insurance plans in California provide less financial protection than 2013 plans, and can limit physician choice by emphasizing HMO networks. In 2013, 4 of the top 5 San Diego maternity insurance options were PPO plans, and provided a total out-of-pocket cost of less than $4,930. In 2014, all 5 best options are HMO plans, with a total out-of-pocket cost ranging up to $5,576. These smaller HMO networks are only 10% to 15% the size of PPO networks, and limit a woman’s choice of doctor.

In other regions of California the cost difference can be over $1,200 higher, so maternity insurance plan selection is important. “Many people believe that lower monthly premiums will reduce their overall cost to have a baby. That idea leads women to select bronze plans, which could result in total out-of-pocket costs of up to $9,278. This is the reason why SPF Insurance creates analysis, best plans, and recommendation reports and articles,” says company President, Tim Thompson.

California Maternity Insurance After Obamacare - YouTube Video

Health Care Reform required that all health insurance plans provide maternity coverage, however California required plans to have maternity coverage since July 2012.

The creation of this report involved analyzing and totaling the typical costs associated with 9 months of pre-natal care, the delivery costs, and the monthly premiums, to determine what the total out-of-pocket costs would be for each health plan. This resource enables women to quickly determine which plan provides the best coverage for her and the baby.

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