California Headed to a Mega Drought in 21st Centuary

Food for freedom is a program that detailed the exact steps of surviving California mega drought without experiencing the hardship attached to the drought

Frank Tanner a 23 years investigative journalist has released a detailed report about California mega drought in his book titled food for freedom, with the intention of educating the masses on how to survive such an impending disaster.

According to food for freedom review published online by happy readers, it shows that the guide contains detail facts why California mega drought must occur and how it will destroy the food chain and create pains, frustration and starvation that have never occurred in life.

According to Frank Tanner the author of food for freedom PDF some of the clear evidences that proved that California mega drought is about to occur is the disappearing of Lake Mendocino, Lake Shasta, lake Oroville and Trinity Lake. All these lakes used to be larger water reservoirs in California and today they are no more and the effects of the disappearance of these lakes will be felt all over American because California is one of the largest food producing states in America.

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Scientific research shows that every family should get ready on the devastating disaster that will be fall Americans as a result of California mega drought that will soon be felt by everybody because foods will not be much available, which means the way Americans’ shop and the way the live is about to change.

It only takes individuals and families that are prepared for such California mega drought to survive such conditions. American Government has been preparing for such mega drought but has refused to sensitize the masses of how to survive the collapse of food chain resulting from California mega drought. But Frank Tanner has finally revealed the top most secret on the California drought in his book food for freedom PDF.

The survival tips found in the food for freedom guide are considered very much reliable because Frank Tanner has spent half of his life getting the real facts behind natural disaster. He documented the deadly earthquake in Haiti and the aftermath of the Tsunami that hit Japan in March 2011. He worked to expose the criminal incompetence of FEMA during Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina.

His major aim of publishing the California mega drought case is to teach families and individual how to provide food and water in abundance during this mega drought era. He is delighted in getting people out of the situation where there will not be water to flush, take bath or even get portable drinking water.

Frank Tanner in his book “food for freedom” discussed the basic scientific process that will lead to the California mega drought and why the government has been sealing the facts from the masses and what the government intend benefiting from such act. So, it is a good opportunity to have a copy of food for freedom now before the California mega drought occurs.

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The solution explained in Food For Freedom PDF is based on aquaponics. It’s basically a self-sustained micro eco system that grows vegetables and fish in a symbiotic fashion. Plants are kept in growing beds on top of the fish. The water and waste from the fish fertilize the plants, which purify the water for the fish again.
This yields nutrient-rich fish and vegetables that provide users with protein, micro-nutrients and calories, to sustain the family.

The book reveals how to set up a basic system for a couple of hundred dollars. The idea of aquaponics itself isn’t new, but food for freedom shows how to set up a system much cheaper than buying an already made.
The food for freedom book, which contains detailed information needed to survive the California mega drought comes with four bonuses that is of great benefit in surviving the dark days of lack of food, water, security and many more.

The first bonus of food for freedom book is called “DIY Greenhouse Blueprint”. It contains step by step guide to setting up a green house for aquaponics. The greenhouse shelters the garden during cold and winter periods.
The second bonus that accompanies food for freedom PDF, which contains the tips on how to survive the California mega drought, is called “simple survival canning”. Canning is the best way to create a long term supply of food by taking advantage of what is in excess today.

Many people who have tried the “food for freedom” system discovered that it generated more food that they actually needed and sometimes it was just wasted because they lacked the knowledge to properly store it. This is what “Simple Survival Canning” is all about: it shows readers the easy methods used to store surplus food so user will never have to worry about not having enough to put on the table.

Unedited reports shows that food for freedom is a guide anybody that wish to survive the California mega drought with his or family must get because it cost less than $40 to have a complete guide on how to survive the California mega drought.

The food for freedom ebook is readily available for instant download from the official website and it is exclusively sold through clickbank secure server, which means the buyer is entitled to full money back guarantee

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