Calculus Network Aiming at Unifying the Internet of Value for Shaping the Future of Cryptoasset Markets.

Calculus Network, led by Henry Pang, a Chinese businessman and doctor, is aiming now at unifying the internet of value for shaping the future of cryptoassets...

Calculus Network, led by Henry Pang, a Chinese businessman and doctor, is aiming now at unifying the internet of value for shaping the future of cryptoassets.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile, with major assets like Bitcoin regularly experiencing 10% swings in price, and smaller tokens experiencing over 100% swings at times. Even though the asset class has seen significant growth, growing from around $100 billion to $400 billion in 12 months, this is still a tiny fraction of the overall $84.9 trillion market size for the global asset management industry. Calculus Network believes that the fragmentation and lack of effective risk management tools cause the asset to be too risky for institutional money to enter at large scale. Accordingly, the company, which was formed with an aim to develop blockchain technology, is now aiming at unifying the internet of value.

Henry Pang, creator of Calculus Network, noted during a private finance industry salon in New York that the liquidity in cryptoasset markets is spread out over 10,000 cryptocurrency exchanges, with as much as 40% difference in price between each exchange. "However, by unifying the internet of value and building mature infrastructure, Calculus is building towards the future of cryptoasset markets," he said.

Calculus Network is designed to be a decentralized consensus layer for the Internet of Value. It aims to integrate liquidity across exchanges to establish a maximally liquid, fair and transparent market, with global consensus on the values of digital assets. The network also provides a rich suite of financial derivatives that enable individuals and organizations to form hedging strategies and protect their positions and provides the financial infrastructure for institutional investments to enter the global crypto markets.

"Team Calculus Network now consists of experts, 50% of whom have Ph.D. degrees. Calculus Network was formed by a team of experts specialized in technology, financial engineering, and research. Besides Henry Pang, our core members also include Chao Li, who was previously VP at Goldman Sachs NYSE Designated Market Maker group, Deutsche Bank, and Morgan Stanley, and Owen Wang, who was previously VP at JP Morgan. Both have provided the team with strong academic guidance and professional experience. With cutting-edge technologies and full academic support, the team has successfully initiated a few blockchain based projects such as Eigen Capital", said a media spokesperson of Calculus Network.

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