CaféDu Chateau Receives Numerous Positive Reviews for Its French Press Coffee Maker

Café du Chateau’s French Press Coffee Maker is enjoying the confidence of more than 30,000 customers. Positive reviews and acknowledgements in abundance are the results of its product’sunique features asthe company also provides a brewing guide to make the coffee making experience smoother.

Café du Chateau is getting acclaims and praises from all the corners of the world. That is because they are adding flavour and style to coffee making with their French Press Coffee Maker.

Numerous positive reviews and testimonials from their clients are floating online for this coffee maker. The company thrives on customer happiness and satisfaction.

One of their clients named Sotudin posted a satisfactory review stating, “I’m in absolute love with this French Press. This coffee maker looks stunning and worth the money I’ve spent.Since all its parts are detachable, I can clean it easily. It also has an extra filter for replacement”.

Numerous other customers are there who have shared their contentment with this merchandise affirming that a coffee press like this one is an absolute delight to use.

Many first-time users also specified it’s an ‘easy to use’ product that comes in the thin yet sturdy material. With an elegant appearance and comfortable size, this is a good deal that Café du Chateau is offering.

The French Press Coffee Maker involves a four-level filtration technique that makes coffee brewing easier and tastier. It uses double screen filters that are made of stainless steel. It is further supported on a base plate that is fixed with a spring; this helps in sealing its edges.

The company vouches on using the finest materials for this product. That is why the usage of stainless steel of 304 grade. This coffee maker, thus, gets a resilient shine and prevents rust as well. The carafe that comes with it is borosilicate glass that helps it withstand the temperature of boiling water.

All the materials are used only after carrying out certified laboratory tests. BPA-free plastic strainer of its lid along with the borosilicate pot and a beaker that features designs of European luxury housing are the distinct features of this French Press Coffee Maker.

It is a portableFrench Pressthat can be easily carried in travel bags or for hiking and backpacking trips. It also comes with a lifetime replacement option. Customers buying it don’t have to worry about its malfunctioning as the company will replace it for free.

The Head Sales Manager of Café du Chateau is delighted with the response this product is getting. She stated:
“We try to give the best taste to our customers. This coffee maker can also be a gift to your loved ones. One can use it without any hassle as the instructions provided will help you brew your coffee in a jiffy!”

About the Company:
Café du Chateau is the manufacturer of coffee brewing machines. However, they believe that coffee is not just a beverage, but it is also a part that reflects the lifestyle of consumers. That’s why they make sure to blend elegance and style with their unique European designs in each of their products. All its customers enjoy the unique brewing endeavour.

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