CA Posts Gives Information About The First Pandemic In Their Health Section

CA Posts shares information about the first-ever pandemic in their health section.

CaPosts, an American based company that has gained expertise in providing news and information. As the world has hit with the global pandemic in 2020, CA Posts include information about the first pandemic in their health section. A spokesperson from the company talks about the first pandemic that ever hit the world. In the 19th century, the influenza outbreak resulted in the first-ever global epidemic.

A company representative tells that the viruses that jump from animals to humans have been the reason for several pandemics over the last few centuries. According to the spokesperson, two epidemics in the 20th century were caused due to influenza. One was in Asia (1957-58), and the other was in Hong Kong (1968-69). CA Posts revealed that the first-ever pandemic that man ever faced was called Russian Flu, and it dates to the 19th century. In 1889, the first-ever case of the Russian Flu pandemic was reported in Russia, which then rapidly spread across European and North and South American continents. It is estimated that approximately one million people died in that pandemic. From 1889 to 1894, several outbreaks of this pandemic happened across the world. An employee from the company then said there is not much information available, but scientists consider Russian Flu as one of the first pandemics in the era of bacteriology. Scientist believes that studying this pandemic can help them fight the current epidemic, and that’s why this information was featured as the CA Post’s breaking news.

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