C Estates Launches, Disrupting Property Investment Market with the Power of Blockchain

Company enables buyers to own property in South East Asia without the red tape

C Estates, a revolutionary new company that aims to disrupt the property investment market by harnessing the power of Blockchain, has launched its business. C Estates offers an end-to-end tokenized real estate solution that covers quick and easy property listing and secure tokenization. The company’s robust marketplace platform for prospective buyers and sellers is made possible by the use of digital ledgers, wherein transactions are recorded permanently and are traceable, transparent and secure.

“South East Asia is a hotbed for foreign investment, and a large portion of this is going straight into the property market,” said a spokesperson for the company. “However, traditionally, foreign property ownership has been a laborious, painstaking affair due to bureaucracy and red tape. This is where C Estates comes in, with the introduction of a tokenized real estate platform they will make investing in real estate accessible to everyone. Imagine owning a property in South East Asia and collecting rent on this property without even visiting the country!”

Unlike many other projects that attempt to raise funds purely based on an "idea" and no working product or service, C Estates has a fully developed, working platform with two tokenized properties already listed. In addition, the team behind C Estates is full of experienced real estate professionals. The team consists of the former owner as well as employees of Capitarise Corporation, a property management consulting company that has strong expertise in pioneering cross-border transactions.

About C Estates
C Estates is a technology platform business that offers investors the ability to buy and sell interests in properties in South East Asia through the use of blockchain ledgers.

Contact Info:
Name: Elixes Becislao
Email: Send Email
Organization: C Estates Tokenized Real Estate Platform
Address: Unit 805 One Global Place, 5th Avenue Corner 25th Street, BGC, Taguig City, Philippines 1630
Phone: +632 553-8270
Website: https://main.cestates.io/page/home

Release ID: 88921727