Bye Bye Stretch Marks Publishes New Reviews of Products From Skinception And Revlon

From up and coming revolutionaries Skinception to brand titans Revitol, every cosmetics brand is tackling stretch marks, and Bye Bye Stretch Marks offers independent, unbiased reviews.

Stretch marks affect more than two thirds of women at some point in their lives- many get stretch marks from the rapid expansion of the hips during puberty, but those who avoid them at that time can still get them from unforeseen weight gain or pregnancy. As a result, there is understandably high demand for effective products that deal with this issue. Not all are created equal however, and knowing which to invest in can be a challenge. Bye Bye Stretch Marks is a site that provides answers on causes and solutions for stretch marks, and regularly publishes stretch mark cream reviews to help consumers make the right choices.

Their latest batch of reviews include Skinception and Revitol products, which aim to provide an answer for both prevention and treatment of stretch marks by aiming to increase the health and robustness of skin in vulnerable areas so that it is better able to react to changes in body shape.

The reviews are both positive, but each product outshines the other in specific fields, meaning they are both competitive choices dependent on the needs of the individual user in question.

A spokesperson for Bye Bye Stretch Marks explained, “Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy is an outstanding product, and is a great preventative measure that is ideal for pregnant women to use to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and increase skin elasticity to better cope with the effects of pregnancy. Conversely, Revitol has created a product ideal for those who have established stretch marks from their teens or shifts in weight that need to eliminate pre-established stretch marks, and the product is perfect for drastically reducing their visibility and bringing them to a similar hue and consistency to the natural skintone. Do stretch marks go away? We can confidently say they can now.”

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Bye Bye Stretch Marks is a consumer advice and review site replete with an educational resource center created for those suffering from the appearance of stretch marks. The site goes into detail about the causes and treatments of stretch marks as well as regularly reviewing products designed to treat and eliminate them.

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