Buzzfeed Readers Shocked With Results Of “As Seen On TV" Skincare Product Review

The major news site is known for its “trending” stories on the web. Out to prove the results weren’t real, the review of Z Skin has now gone viral with its results.

Z Skin Cosmetics has made quite a stir after appearing on Lifetime’s newest shark-tank style show Project Runway Fashion Startup. Appearing on the show to pitch his acne line to investors, Ryan Zamo stated that he created his line after clearing his own skin in just 8 days, using only his homemade products. Not believing the story to be true, a writer for the Buzzfeed community set out to test the products himself, and the results have gone viral.

27-year-old Ryan Zamo, creator of Z Skin Cosmetics, said he was not surprised that people didn’t believe his story, he said, “Honestly, I wouldn’t believe it either. That’s why I offer 100% money back guarantees, if they don’t like the results, for any reason, I will refund them in full. But I am certainly glad a high power site did an article like this, maybe it’ll help more people see that Z Skin actually works.”

In the article titled, “As Seen On TV; Do These Products Actually Work?”, the writer states that his nephew suffered from severe acne, so he purchased the products and had him test them out. The Buzzfeed author starts out stating, “I thought there was no way it would actually work, but I feel like a fool now, because to my surprise they actually did!”. Referring back to Zamo’s appearance on Project Runway Fashion Startup, the article goes on to say, “He said it cleared his skin up in 8 days, well it didn’t clear my nephews skin in 8 days, it only took 4!”.

Though not shown on the show, the other products tested in the review came from the Z Skin Cosmetics Age-Defying line of products. After testing the acne products made him want to try the anti aging products, the author says, “It literally wiped away my wife’s wrinkles and laugh lines, and has saved me a ton of money on a face lift, since there is no more wrinkles”. The article wraps up with a summary from the author and his review, saying, “Z Skin Cosmetics products work, all of them.”

Just hours after the article was published, the story went viral, tracking almost 10,000 views within a few hours, Zamo said, “I don’t know if people are reading it hoping that its going to expose some “As Seen On TV” scam, but none the less, I am beyond grateful for the exposure. Mostly I am hoping that people will give my products a try, and with this review, I think it will add a little bit more of a reason to do so.”

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