Buying or Selling the Perfect New Sonoma County Home Made Possible by Sonoma Fine Homes

Broker / Realtor / Attorney Paul Krawchuk uses his years of expertise as both realtor and attorney in the residential real estate market to help his clients find the ideal property they are looking for, or sell their existing home.

Sonoma Fine Homes is a real estate brokerage in Santa Rosa, California headed by broker/attorney Paul Krawchuk. Paul acts as a broker/realtor for clients, using his expertise in the residential real estate market to help his clients find the ideal property they are looking for, or sell their existing home. Krawchuk has years of experience with both buying and selling homes; he’s also known for having the skills to handle even difficult purchase or sale situations that his clients may need to work through.

Experience matters in real estate. The real estate market has become very competitive in recent years, which alongside the general tightening in the home lending market has made it more difficult than ever for both buyers and sellers to transfer title on a home.

It is not uncommon for clients to need to sell a home quickly, or have a situation where they lack the funds to adequately clinch a deal. Krawchuk has seen these kinds of challenges throughout his career, and has developed a variety of techniques that can help clients manage these situations effectively without losing out on their investments. Krawchuk has proven skills in REOs, short sales, distressed sales and a variety of other complex real estate transactions and in his words, “I’m prepared to take on any real estate sale regardless of the terms associated with it”.

Getting clients nothing less than the best possible deal. Those that are inexperienced with buying or selling property should rely on a realtor or broker to scoop out the best deal in the market. There are a number of legal requirements which must be met in order to successfully transfer the title of a property. Ensuring that all of these items are in place is essential to providing a higher level of protection to the buyer and seller--- should an issue arise with the property later.

As a real estate attorney, Krawchuk is well versed in these legal requirements and can confidently steer clients through all of the checkpoints of a real estate sale. Not only will this help to ensure that sellers are protected from any fallout should the buyer be unsatisfied, but it also helps ensure that buyers find the perfect home for their needs so to avoid any unfortunate surprises later on.

Buying real estate is an incredibly personal transaction. And, it isn't just a major investment; it will also be the structure that a family calls home for many years after the transaction is completed. Krawchuk believes that it is essential for a realtor to understands what a home might mean to a buyer and what could cause a seller to want to sell it off. Krawchuk spends a great deal of time getting to know his clients, their needs and tastes to ensure that they are only shown properties that are an excellent match with their requirements. This helps to cut down on the time it takes to complete a property transaction, and helps ensure that buyers remain satisfied with their purchases for a long time to come.

Krawchuk provide more information about his real estate representation services as well as a full MLS property search feature at the Sonoma Fine Homes website.

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