“Butterfly Rising” Celebrates #1 Best Seller Success While Helping People Heal from Codependency

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Gail Ferguson Jones, founder of Urbane Communications, LLC launches her book, “Butterfly Rising,” and hits number one for new releases on Amazon. The book shares her journey from codependency to healing and freedom in her life, in hopes to help others overcome the same.

Gail Ferguson Jones recently released her book, “Butterfly Rising: A Journey to Love, Healing and Freedom from the Cocoon of Codependency,” to help others overcome codependency. The book launched on July 20, 2021 and became a number one best seller.

Jones wrote the book to help the one out of eight families, including one in four children, who are living in the chaos and dysfunction of a loved one's drug or alcohol addiction. This is a family disease that leads co-addiction, also known as codependency.

After witnessing the demise of her dearest loved ones to alcoholic addiction, Jones realized she had carried the trauma into adulthood, eventually being diagnosed with post traumatic stress. She learned that many of the health issues in her 40s also stemmed from issues with the alcoholics in her life. Her recovery led to improved health and a new career as a Certified Peer Recovery Coach. This pushed her to write her book to give others the gift of getting their health and life back. People needed to know that they could let go of fear and free themselves from feelings of victimization so that they could reclaim their peace of mind, health and well-being.

Jones wanted people to know that seeking help is the addict’s choice alone, that family members need to get educated about addiction and the ways they may be enabling the problem, and they must recognize their own codependency which keeps them frustrated, resentful and sickened by shame and blame.

“She shares her journey through a lens of such grace, it allows others the beautiful glimpse of hope that awaits them and all of us. This book should be in the hands of everyone who faces these challenges.” ~ Kate Duffy, CEO & Founder, Tipping Point Recovery, Inc.

“The best part of the book is where she describes her awakening and how she put an end to her suffering by taking charge of her life. It is an inspiring story of hope, about how people can overcome the intergenerational family patterns of alcoholic families. I highly recommend this book.” ~
Barry Weinhold, Psychologist

“The pain and hopelessness suffered by the loved ones of alcoholics is only made worse when they follow their natural instincts to control the drinking and recovery. Gail has transformed her experiences into empathy and understanding that serves as a roadmap to those who find themselves in similar situations.” ~ Matt Salis Author, “soberevolution;” Host, Untoxicated Podcast C

Gail Jones Jones is the founder of Urbane Communications, LLC where she writes, coaches and runs her podcast. She is a certified peer recovery coach through the globally-recognized Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) and the New Jersey Prevention Network. She completed her apprenticeship with Tipping Point Recovery of Rhode Island and is an award-winning journalist, public speaker and world traveler.

Jones’s Certified Peer Recovery Coaching Program is called Buttrfly (cq) Effect, through which she offers one-on-one coaching to those struggling with the addiction of a loved one. She guides codependents as someone with a shared experience, not as a trained clinician.

The Buttrfly Effect Podcast, is available on Apple/iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and other platforms.

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Name: Gail Ferguson Jones
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