Business Opportunities Emerging From Unlikely Source

Yesterday’s trash, namely bottle caps, is the newest fashion trend allowing teens to create jewelry and profit from their hobby.

Fashion trends come and they go and the latest trend, from the unlikely place of used trash is catching on like wildfire. This used trash is a simple bottle cap and it's become such a hit that it is even showing up on the red carpet. From Hollywood stars to the teen next door, it seems bottle caps are going to be the fashion standard for the unforeseeable future.

A Major online seller of Bottle Caps for crafts is Bottle Cap Co. They started out by selling bottle caps at a local farmer's market in Idaho. The business quickly grew into eBay sales, Etsy sales and into its own online business with more than 1,000 products. A representative comments, "It is our goal to supply quality, linerless bottle caps and craft supplies to crafters, Etsy sellers and small business owners."

There are so many uses for these bottle caps. An Etsy Store business owner remarks, 'BottleCapsBeadsnMore' "We supply Bottle Cap Kits, Bottle Cap Zipper pulls, Key Chains and epoxy stickers for your crafting needs."

One of those uses is turning out to be quite lucrative for teens. It seems creating bottle cap jewelry and selling the pieces through portals such as has been a great way for teens across the country to earn money. It's also a great hobby and outlet for personal expression. Creating bottle cap jewelry to wear, share and sell is something that sports teams and other organizations have quickly caught onto as well as teens quickly buy up their favorite sports.

Not only is this hot new fashion trend using used trash a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle, it seems that teens and teams alike are finding great ways to raise funding. And, you guessed it, the teens in particular use their funds to buy hot new bottle cap jewelry items to add to their collection.

About Bottle Cap Co: Founded in April 2008 in Nampa, Idaho, this family owned business started out as a happy accident as simple bottle cap magnets and jewelry being sold at a local Farmer's Market. These bottle cap accessories became hugely popular upon being posted on eBay. Today, the company sells more than 1,000 products that are available worldwide. These products include over 60 colors of liner-less bottle caps.

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