Burnenium: World’s First Futuristic NFT Marketplace to Stake NFTs & Earn High APY

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Burnenium is the first of its kind community-powered, an open-source NFT marketplace. The project is based on both POS (Proof of Stake) and POB (Proof of Burn) consensus protocols.

Burnenium is the first of its kind community-powered, an open-source NFT marketplace. The project is based on both POS (Proof of Stake) and POB (Proof of Burn) consensus protocols and is all set to take over the global NFT marketplace by storm. Launched recently, project will empower cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts with a unique platform to mint and stake NFT’s and earn high APY (Annual Percentage Yield).

One of the latest developments of the digital world, NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) functions like cryptographic tokens but unlike cryptocurrencies. The Burnenium Platform will change how people authentically own art, collectibles or any other type of tangible or non-tangible NFT’s at present times. Project will fill the gap of rising need for a genuine and authentic digital marketplace from where NFTs can be minted, held, sold or stored using smart contracts.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) are non-interchangeable unit of data that gets stored on a blockchain ledger which can further traded or sold. The blockchain ledger is a digital ledger that consists of transactions. These transactions are maintained by the entire network of computers on the blockchain. The blockchain is an immutable and shared ledger.

All the Non-Fungible Tokens are available for minting, storing, holding at a NFT Marketplace such as Burnenium. This NFT marketplace is pretty similar to real-world art galleries.

Burnenium, the world’s first futuristic marketplace, is a platform where cryptocurrency enthusiasts can mint NFT’s and stake to earn high APY. It is a technologically advanced and Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) based NFT marketplace having a unique reward/referral model.
Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) refers to a financial infrastructure that eliminates the essence of having a government or central bank for approving financial transactions.

The Burnenium Token (BURN) uses Binance SmartChain blockchain protocol and using BEP 20 technology. The token has 18 decimals and uses BSC Scan Network as Blockchain Explorer having total supply of 9,90,000 tokens.

Cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) are two completely different things. Although NFT’s function like cryptographic tokens and uses blockchain technology but are actually not cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency. This currency has been designed to work as a medium of exchange using the computer network. The first decentralized cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, launched in 2009.

Although Bitcoin started from zero price back then in 2009, recently in November 2021, this cryptocurrency reached an all-time high of $67,795.55, which is an exponential growth the world has ever witnessed. The current market cap of cryptocurrencies including NFTs is approximately more than $2 trillion.

Coming back to project, Burnenium was initiated in July 2019, it has come a long way from initial meetings to getting listed on coinmarketcap.com and coingecko.com very soon. Although the pandemic slowed down the process of development of this NFT marketplace in making but successfully launched on 18th February 2020 with further planning of listing on different NFT influential portals in the near future.

Burnenium has received a bombastic response so far. On the first day itself, approximately 2,300 NFTs were minted and staked to earn APY. The price of Burnenium token started from $ 0.10 and reached $ 1.80 within 72 hours after successful launch. Burnenium is all set to compete with the top rated crypto platforms globally with joint efforts of all it’s stakeholders.

Contact Info:
Name: Amey Morgan
Email: Send Email
Organization: Burnenium
Website: https://www.burnenium.io

Release ID: 89065569

Name: Amey Morgan
Email: Send Email
Organization: Burnenium