Bulldog LED Lighting(c) reduces costs due to innovations in American Manufacturing

Bulldog LED Lighting(c) has restructured its pricing due to its innovations in US Manufacturing and produces a product for less than many imports. “If they can manufacture an led light bar here in the USA for only slightly more than the imported knockoffs, why wouldn't you buy an American Made product that is built to last”, said Nic Ashby, CEO of Rockstar Performance Garage.

Bulldog LED Lighting(c) would like to thank their dealers and consumers for the positive feedback and support in helping to expand the brand. Bulldog LED Lighting(c) is the only LED Light Bar manufactured in the USA. Bulldog LED Lighting(c) has been growing their purchasing power and technology at the same time. The support of their consumer base has helped them to innovate and improve their products towards developing new ways to reduce production costs here in the USA. “We ARE the manufacturer and since our success has been based off our customers and dealers thus far, it’s only fair we share these savings with them.  We pioneered the way to be the American made product while keeping the costs reasonable. Our savings are Your savings; meaning it’ll be even more affordable to purchase our Bulldog LED lights now,” said Dylan Sievers, CEO of Bulldog Lighting.

Our goal is to show that true American manufacturing can be competitive with imports. When you purchase products from Bulldog LED Lighting(c) you are supporting our US Economy, supporting quality manufacturing jobs. Our product is American Made from our plastic reflectors down to our stainless steel screws, American Made should matter to our economy and consumers!”, said Mathew Lunsford – Director of Marketing.

“After going through an intensive audit, Bulldog Lighting received certification proving that their close attention to detail when manufacturing, ensured that their LED Light bar was Made In USA Certified. This was not an easy task when fabricating these bars, but it was important to them to keep manufacturing here in the United States, of which they successfully have done that" says Robert Lowry of Made in USA-Certified, Inc.(r)

About Bulldog LED Lighting, Inc. (http://www.bulldogledlighting.com/)
Bulldog LED Lighting was established in 2011, the original manufacture of durable, affordable Off Road LED Light Bars with American parts. Bulldog LED Lighting is the only Made in USA Certified(r) LED Light Bar in the USA. @bulldoglighting Headquarters in San Carlos, CA and Production in Plano, TX. For more information, contact Bulldog LED Lighting Headquarters at 855-533-2855. Or visit us online .

About Made in USA Certified, Inc. (http://www.usa-c.com/)

Since 2008, Made in USA Certified, Inc.(r) has been the nation’s leading independent third party certification source for “Made in USA”, “Product of USA”, “and Grown in USA,” or “Service in USA” seals. Based in Boca Raton, FL. For more information, please contact Made in USA Certified(r) at 561-279-2855, or on the web at usa-c.com, for additional information.


Source: Bulldog LED Lighting, Inc.

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