Bulktrunk Announce Pre-Launch Of Unique Canadian Etailer Website For Organic Groceries

The new website aims to make every purchase of natural, specialty and organic groceries a planet changing experience that is simpler, easier, and greener than ever before.

Consumers more than ever are realizing the environmental and sustainability problems that are occuring due to current manufacturing, distribution, and consumption practices. Providing for the next generation of consumers in a responsible and sustainable manner presents a difficult challenge, but also an opportunity. In Canada, Bulktrunk, an online startup based in Vancouver, BC is looking to inspire greener and sustainable consumption through every day purchases with the launch of their online retail store Bulktrunks.com that hopes to impact the planet every single time consumers shop for and consume natural, specialty, and organic groceries and foods.

The online store sells brand name natural foods, organic foods, and specialty foods and groceries. From cereals, to seasoning, to grains, to pasta, to sauces, to snacks and by buying the foods in bulk and distributing them online, consumers save money and environmental through reduced of packaging & waste. One tree is planted for every item purchased.

The site would also save consumers’ time, as well as fuel on trips to the grocery store. Bulktrunk has every intention of being very competitive, with signup rewards and a strong loyalty program that allows everyone the chance to earn free groceries through referral rewards. The company currently only ships in Canada, but has plans to expand to the US within the next few months.

To celebrate the pre-launch, the company is offering great exclusive rewards for all new customers, and for every Facebook like received during the pre-launch, they will plant one tree.

A spokesperson for Bulktrunk explained, “Responding to climate change means fundamentally changing the way we produce, distribute, and consume. As well as being committed to carbon offsetting and reductions, we utilise distribution & operational strategies that minimise waste and emissions. One tree can on average, offset 1100 kg CO2 in its full uninterrupted lifetime. Now imagine how much grocery products the average person buys every week, month, and year - and how many trees could be potentially planted. With one tree for every item bought, consumers know exactly how many trees they will have directly been responsible for planting. It provides a means by which consumers can really change the world with their everyday purchases, but equally important is that we hope to further awareness & action towards sustainable consumption.”

About Bulktrunk:
Bulktrunk looks to provide synergy between bulk purchasing discounts and environmentally green agenda. Bulktrunk achieves this by bringing awareness to sustainable consumption and by providing consumers with a simple and accountable way to impact the planet on a daily basis. The company enforces and employing a greener and sustainable distribution initiative and process that begins at manufactures to greener sourcing, to procurement, to logistics, to storage, and to distribution. Bulktrunk appeals to consumers that are looking for ways to offset their consumption by making positive buying choices that help make a sustainable difference to the planet. However at the core of their offering is savings for the consumer- monetary savings, time savings and saving the planet.

Contact Info:
Name: Jesse Chen
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Organization: Bulktrunk
Phone: 604-757-0278
Website: http://www.bulktrunk.com/

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