Bulgarian-Based Online Magazine Promotes Healthy Lifestyle Choices

The founders of the prettifying advice website called Krasota Zdrave have begun to harvest the fruits of the efforts that they put into the portal. The team is looking forward to keep a clear mind and focus on providing more top quality reviews and articles.

Krasota-Zdrave.com is a Bulgarian-based Internet portal whose staff have dedicated all of their efforts to promote healthy lifestyle choices. The team seeks to make viewers aware of the fact that cosmetic products which have an all-natural list of ingredients are way more likely to achieve positive effects than those who are widely recognized by the public because of their clever advertising. Visitor numbers have been gradually increasing over the last couple of months but the creators state that their ultimate goal remains to be a top-rated source of genuine and reliable information.

A peculiar thing about Krasota Zdrave is that while many websites come and go, the one at hand’s visitor numbers have only increased since its initial launch on the Internet. When asked about this fact, the editorial team prefers to keep it cool saying that their sole desire since the beginning was to present users with an alternative to what is being shown on the television.

Many users state that they prefer to rely on the information and extensive review that are being displayed on the website as a trustworthy source of genuine facts. The team carries out regular consultation sessions with beauty and cosmetic experts in order to better determine the value of a given product rather than just describe the written list of featured components.

The idea for Krasota-Zdrave occurred late one night when a female member of the staff was combating the side effects of a popular cosmetic good which was supposed to improve the appearance of her face.

She realized that she should not rely on data that could not be independently verified, nor or cosmetic products which include many chemical compounds. The allergies that they can inflict on the different skin and body types have not been determined with absolute certainty.

This was the founding ground for the establishment of the health and beauty portal – to give people room for thought of embracing a more nature-friendly lifestyle and to provide them with actual information of the positive and negative characteristics of a given product.

A popular prettifying good is the Chocolate Slim food supplement. All of the ones which are featured on the Krasota-Zdrave.com platform have been subject to careful selection and are chosen on the basis of extensive research and investigation.

One more popular section is the one that features educational articles and helpful advice. Visitors who pay attention to them will learn how they can smoothly stir up homemade facial and bodily ointments as well as how to take proper care of their hair, how does visiting the sauna help one’s body cleanse itself, and which are the best food products for a beauty mask.

Data on subjects such as these is carefully collected and reviewed. It is not uncommon for nutritionists, stylists, and makeup artists to be asked to give their professional opinion so that the users can rest assured that the articles feature only actual facts.

This is probably the main reason why their numbers have only been rising and not decreasing in the months following Krasota-Zdrave’s online launch. The founding figures prefer to stay rooted as the success of their prettifying advice platform’s success continues.

While glad that they can harvest and reap the fruits of their labor, their main goal is to maintain top quality of the articles and reviews which are published daily on the health and beauty portal.

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