Bugzee Lix Launches New Crypto Consulting Firm Amidst Investment In Shiba, UFO Gaming, and Bloktopia

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Music/film producer and a recording artist, Bugzee Lix, announces the launch of a crypto consulting firm, Groovy Hooman Token Corp, as he invests in Bloktopia, UFO Gaming, and SHIBA INU with talks of Music NFT collection and new Metaverse album

The race for the best possible Metaverse has started and Bugzee Lix looks set to leverage the concept to chart a new course in the music industry. Known as the New Orleans guy who was raised in Seattle, Bugzee is a tech enthusiast who invested early in Bloktopia, Shiba Inu, and Ufo Gaming. He is also popular as one of the only rappers to duo with Legendary “Turn Me On” singer Kevin Lyttle on his international hit single “BUSY.” However, the animated film guy looks set to push boundaries again as he hits at a new Metaverse album release and music NFT collection following the launch of a crypto consulting firm.

“The MetaMusic I create should be shared in the Metaverse, but will undoubtedly be rewarded with $1 (as compared to bitcoin) and above per stream (stream or whatever title is given for performed music within the Metaverse, and Multiverse) in royalties,” said Bugzee Lix.

The goal of Bugzee Lix has always been to give as many people as possible the necessary resources to better handle on crypto, the Metaverse, Investing in Blockchain technology, and teaching the language needed to be able to navigate this new digital asset class. This inspired the decision to launch a channel on YouTube, where he shares his wealth of knowledge with his students.

The newly released Metaverse Rapstars: Meta Music is also a part of his drive to impact live as he begins consulting crypto enthusiasts, corporate executives and people in the music business regarding the digital assets. The album title is also closely related to his goal - to educate the masses regarding this new technology. Metaverse the album contains songs from different “worlds” or mind states, with Bugzee reportedly recording them in over a period of 11 years.

Over the years, Bugzee has worked with several names across the music industry and he also collaborated with his alter ego, Will Smiff Dogg for the Metaverse Rapstars album, with a lot of songs in his collection where his Will Smiff Dogg moniker was the main focus in Germany, New York and both Bremerton, Washington and Bellingham, Washington. Will Smiff Dogg is a brand name of Lix derived from resemblance and association. He even had a meeting with Def Jam and Universal Music Group under the WSD moniker back in 2011. His consulting work will be based on the premise of fairness for artists within in the Metaverse, as well as profitability for crypto investors.

According to the forward-thinking entertainer and entrepreneur, he found himself in Eastcoast, Westcoast, and New Orleans mindstates while recording the project, literally journeying through different digital “worlds” and landscapes like Fortnite Flipped, Sandbox and Decentraland comprised of different cities, rules and cultures.

The album as well as Lix’s new consulting business will educate people on terminology and ideas they should become familiar with in order to not to be left behind in the Metaverse. Blockchain and the Metaverse have the ability to connect people around the world and so does the music of Bugzee Lix.

Bugzee Lix has launched Groovy Hooman Token Corp., a crypto consulting firm to educate people on crypto, the Metaverse, Investing in Blockchain technology, and navigating the new digital asset class. The certified blockchain enthusiast through Berkely University recently released Metaverse Rapstars: Meta Music, a new project available across all major streaming platforms, as he continues in the pursuit of bridging the gap between the world of digital assets and the music business.
Bugzee has written over 1500 songs, charting in both Germany (under Will Smiff Dogg, Boy Face) and in the UK dance charts (as Boy Face). He is now focused on the BugzeeLix brand and has found his niche to go global, thanks Sofian. To commemorate his new album release, Bugzee, and his team will drop an NFT collection of 33 music NFTs titled “Metaverse Rapstars” for each of the 33 songs on the album. These music NFTs will feature the album cover of the Metaverse Rapstars, and will be available on Opensea.io one piece at a time from December 9th forward.

Imagine entering a Metaverse corporate boardroom and hearing songs from Bugzee Lix Metaverse Rapstars: Meta Music album. The album features songs like “Fall Away”, “College Metaverse”, “First Place” “WAP Pr0blems” (produced by Dame Grease) or the Wynnal produced “No More Toxic” ft. Pema. It could happen, and it will.

Bugzee Lix is also bringing his fans as well as futuristic individuals into his world with the creation of SPACE NEEDLE, which is currently available on YouTube. The project is an animated film that chronicles the life of Bugzee Lix and how he has been able to grow into a success across different industries, not just as a creative or entertainer but also as an educator. SPACE NEEDLE and the Metaverse Rapstars will also be available in on Metaverse soon.

The initiative by Bugzee Lix will raise the bar in the music and entertainment industry, giving other projects a run for their money as he aims for another successful shot at the Grammy’s and the Billboard.

Metaverse Rapstars can be streamed on all major platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

For more information about Bugzee Lix and his works through Groovy Hooman Token Corp, visit - http://groovyswap.com/.

About Groovy Hooman Token Corp.
Groovy Hooman Token Corp. is crypto consulting firm founded to facilitate the full understanding of investing in the blockchain. It is understandable that the average person does not have the time to sit down and learn an entirely new industry with its terms and concepts. Consequently, the firm has designed a 7 step consulting process to help navigate the new world of Blockchain, Digital Assets, Cryptocurrency, VR, Metaverse, and Bitcoin ETFs.

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Name: Eddie Laners III - CEO
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Name: Eddie Laners III - CEO
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Organization: Groovy Hooman Token Corp.