Budding Cannabis Culture Brand - Boycott Shitty Weed - Shines Spotlight Where 'Weed' Been Missing

Boycott Shitty Weed (BSW) has released its cannabis-inspired collection as a way of providing full visibility to the origins of the war on drugs and cannabis prohibition

Many years ago, something truly remarkable happened that lead the US down a dark path of the longest civil war in the history of the young nation. Political leaders started a war that was uncalled for, a baseless racist war on drugs that has gone on to negatively affect many generations of people of color all over America. Boycott Shitty Weed is a brand and movement that has woken up to the injustice in the system and is demanding radical change, their style is unlike anything we have seen before, it is advocacy with an interesting plot twist!

They are bringing out skeletons from the closet of past leaders including Ronald Reagan and Nixon, who were very vocal about their belief that cannabis was the gateway drug; a hatred we later discovered was fueled by a racist agenda. To mark the 50th anniversary of the day (17 of June) President Nixon declared drug use as America's number one public enemy, Boycott Shitty Weed launched its cannabis-inspired collection. Its mission is to illustrate the footprints left in the sands of time by prohibitionists in the likes of Nixon, and pioneers like Denis Peron, while providing a fresh perspective using fashion as the art medium.

Unique in every way, the new collection is indeed an awakening. It is a way of providing a greater understanding as to why the war on drugs failed. Safe access to cannabis is no longer far-fetched because movements like Boycott Shitty Weed are blazing the trail with accurate information about this gentle plant.

BSW's propaganda was created to empower people in their understanding of the ramifications of the war on drugs as we know it today. “We can make a bold impact within the global cannabis industry by coming together as one with factual information about the benefits and the potential of cannabis and hemp” expressed, JM Balbuena, creator of Boycott Shitty Weed.

Breaking out of a cocoon is harder than it seems, every push, every crack, and every shove is a fight for the glory that lies ahead, it's one step closer to the beautiful butterfly the caterpillar is about to become. The culture of cannabis today is deep-rooted in empowering people through advocacy and education. BSW is pushing, cracking, shoving, shaking foundations, and lighting a fire that will soon become a global eruption of positivity, impacting the cannabis world for good.

"As a brand that caters to creatives we wanted to align our designs with the core values of the cannabis space: Advocacy and Education" -Balbuena.

When people join forces things take a new turn that's why this movement is not a one-woman army, many hands are intertwined to push for this change, there's the Proud Mary Network (LBGT + community of cannabis enthusiasts), Sickass Industries (Mexican American Lead Creative brand), Tovar In Color (Latinx creative Agency), Cannabis Synergy (Women lead, military veteran-owned cannabis company) and the creative team of Boycott Shitty Weed under the leadership of JM Balbuena also known by many as 'The Successful Cannapreneur' the title of her bestselling Amazon book which she authored and published last year. This formidable group works together to destigmatize cannabis through advocacy and education, and they're about to take things to the next level.

About Boycott Shitty Weed (BSW)

WE ARE A MOVEMENT. Who we are is a cannabis lifestyle brand that dares to be blunt without compromising creativity. Recognizes high quality cannabis heals, and contributes to wellness, culture and lifestyle. We take a stand and take pride in making a subtle yet loud statement about living our best life. No status quo. No hype. No settling. No bull. Our community is made up of high-achieving, ambitious creatives with a knack for self-expression and a proactive spirit to be catalysts for change, not only for the plant itself, but for underrepresented communities such as women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, entrepreneurs, and military veterans.

About BSW’s Propaganda Campaign

PROPAGANDA is the BOYCOTT SHITTY WEED community’s action statement to deliberately de-stigmatize cannabis through fashion and information. The BSW creative team came together through our passion to elevate the cannabis community the best ways we know how: collaboration, execution and creative freedom. Our goal is to bring awareness to the factors that got us to where we are today: well over six million cannabis related arrests in over a decade, and Black people are still more likely to be arrested for cannabis possession in every state, including those that have legalized cannabis.

Contact Info:
Name: Johann Balbuena Founder Synergy Universe
Email: Send Email
Organization: Synergy Universe
Website: http://www.bswnation.com/

Release ID: 89030876