BucksCountyLaw.com Launches Website As A Referral Service For Those Needing Counsel

BucksCountyLaw.com Launches to help people get fast access to attorney representation which is vital.

Statistics from the legal sector indicate the number of court cases throughout the United States is on the rise. Bucks County, Pennsylvania is no exception to this rule. Though DUI charges in the area have dropped more than 20 percent over the past 5 years, divorce, personal injury, bankruptcy and business litigation cases continue to surge.

While the demand for legal representation increases, most who need such services possess neither the experience nor the resources to search for qualified counsel. With this in mind, BucksCountyLaw.com was launched on October 1, 2013 as a lawyer referral service for Bucks and the surrounding counties. The public is urged to use this website to gain quick access to qualified attorneys.

John Ralston of BucksCountyLaw.com confirmed, "Our goal is to gather the finest lawyers in the area and refer them to those in need of legal services. We ask attorneys a number of difficult questions before deeming them eligible to be featured on our website. We understand most people who find themselves in need of a lawyer for the first time have no idea where to begin; the stress and heartache brought on by their legal issues is only compounded by this confusion."

According to BucksCountyLaw.com, all attorneys available through the website have agreed to provide a free law consultation for potential clients. During this consultation, they will offer courtesy and patience; furthermore, they will clearly present their fees upfront. In addition to creating a directory of qualified attorneys, the owners of the website have compiled an extensive list of questions for the public to ask during phone consultations.

These questions are general and apply to any type of case potential clients may have. Ralston noted ascertaining compatibility may not be possible by asking questions over the phone, but they can be useful in ruling out lawyers who may not be appropriate for specific cases. By asking such questions, those in need of legal assistance may also assess how each attorney interacts with his or her clients. Phone interviews also assist the attorneys in determining if they are willing to accept a case and allow them to estimate their fees for each case.

Concluded Ralston, "We know from experience how confusing and expensive hiring a lawyer can be. We hope our past mistakes can help eliminate some of the cost and chaos for others. Our goal is to help those in need of counsel find a lawyer by providing fast, easy access as well as questions to help them decide which attorney may or may not be suitable for their case."

About BucksCountyLaw.com:
Designed to help the public find qualified legal representation, BucksCountyLaw.com provides access to lawyers in Bucks County and the surrounding areas. The attorneys available through this website practice in a wide range of fields including DUI, worker's compensation, bankruptcy, family law, business, personal injury, employment, immigration and many more.

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