BTF Created Custom Gear for Metamoris 3 Competitor Eddie Bravo

Built to Fight Industries in correlation with On The Mat help create Eddie Bravo’s custom Gi pants and rash guard for his long awaited rematch with Royler Gracie at Metamoris 3.

Metamoris is a submission only grappling event that only invites the best veteran and up and coming talent to compete at the event. Eddie Bravo, a Jean Machado black belt, is set to rematch Royler Gracie in his breakthrough triangle choke submission performance at ADCC in 2003. Bravo will be wearing his signature Gi pants with rash guard which was created by Built To Fight(BTF) Industries.

BTF Industries has done customization work for Bravo before by helping design and manufacture some of his 10th Planet BJJ competition rash guards. Bravo is respected as a grappler, businessman, and his knowledge of the industry, and that is why he knows who to choose when getting custom gear made.

Built to Fight will be on hand at the event for more than Bravo as they have done gear for other competitors on the card. Their work in the custom fight gear industry has been taking the community by storm as they offer full customizable, lasting, and quality equipment.

More information can be seen at their website BTF Industries

About Built To Fight

Built To Fight started doing business online back in 1996 when making MMA and BJJ gear was not a viable business plan. Now, they have stores, OTM Fightshops, in multiple states as well as a thriving online business that sales their own designs as well as helps create custom gear for professional fighters, schools, and anybody looking for their own designs.

BTF industries, in correlation with OTM, was created on the principle of quality gear. They are not here to sponsor the people that don't need attention, but they are here to make quality and long lasting gear for whoever needs their services.

About BTF and OTM Custom Gear

BTF Industries and OTM are putting their near 20 years worth of knowledge into making inexpensive, quality, custom gear for anybody. They have all different types of materials, cuts, and options to make gear fits in any way a competitor sees fit. For more contact information check the link below.


To learn more about this OTM and Custom Fight Gear contact:

Built To Fight Ind.

5402 Commercial Dr.

Huntington Beach, Ca. 92649

Office: (714) 421-4090

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Name: Scott Nelson
Phone: (714) 421-4090
Organization: Built To Fight

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