BSC Land (BSCL) Leverages Smart Contract Technology To Open Up The Luxury Real Estate Market

Innovative distributed accounting technology, BSC Land (BSCL), helps more people own properties in luxurious cities worldwide using blockchain technology

BSC Land (BSCL) is a smart contract technology and distributed accounting technology developed to split real estate under Tech - home, a global real estate blockchain cloud platform. The innovation utilizes blockchain’s intrinsic advantages such as trustless mechanism, anti-tamper, co-supervision, and traceability. The innovation will allow the splitting and distribution of real estate properties to financial institutions, ultimately enabling users to invest small amounts of money and benefit from real estate, and ensuring security and low risk of investment.

The global real estate market has continued to evolve over the years. Unfortunately, owning a home in another country remains a major challenge due to the complexities in the process, which include legal documents, nationality, financial proof, tax, as well as the difficulty in getting the necessary information. However, BSCL is looking to change the narrative, making everything possible with just a phone.

BSCL has become increasingly popular in recent times, with more than 800 real estate companies worldwide already leveraging the process. The smart investment solution is particularly suited for small investors, allowing them to start with as low as $200. BSCL uses its own smart contract and distributed accounting technology to connect the asset side and the financial institution side. Large assets can be split and distributed to multiple financial institutions through the BSCL smart contract.

BSCL is free from manipulation from any individual or organization once the asset is split and bound, ensuring that users’ investments will be firmly bonded to the pointed assets to provide a more secure and stable investment.

BSCL operates on Tezos platform, an innovative blockchain that improves on several aspects compared to more established blockchains. It offers an original proof-of-stake consensus algorithm and can be used as a decentralized smart contract platform. Tezos has the capacity to amend its own economic protocol through a voting mechanism and focuses on formal methods to improve safety. BSCL will be leveraging the features of Tezos to offer users a smarter, simpler, and more user-friendly investment protocol that is easier to use.

The disruptive BSCL will undoubtedly change the way people invest in real estate across the globe, allowing as many investors as possible to profit from projects with huge potentials in London, Paris, New York, and other major cities worldwide.

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