Bryn Carden Comments on How to Stay True to Yourself in the Age of Digital Influence

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Entrepreneur and influencer Bryn Carden reveals her strategies for staying true to yourself in the world obsessed with perfection.

Bryn Carden is the former Miss Kemah Teen USA, founder of Styles for Smiles, co-founder of BF Hats, and has 14.2k followers on Instagram. The full-time Texas Christian University (TCU) student and young entrepreneur is a frequent user of social media, to say the least, and has learned one of the most essential lessons possible when living in the age of digital influence: staying true to oneself.

Practicing authenticity during the digital age is challenging when social media platforms easily create a perfect and put-together stream of appearances. There are apps that photo-correct blemishes and cellulite, enhance eyes, and whiten teeth. Trends influence users to act a certain way to gain clicks, likes, and followers.

“Society pressures today’s youth to conform to what is considered ‘cool,’ but my parents always remind me to stay authentic,” said Carden.

Authenticity to Carden means continuously practicing and preaching personal passions such as philanthropy, design, health and wellness, and treating others with kindness and compassion.

During her free time, Bryn Carden volunteers with the Neeley Mentorship Program and Riff Ram Reading Program and promotes and runs the two organizations she founded, Styles for Smiles and BF Hats. Both of her businesses uplift her strive to support charities making a difference. Styles for Smiles donates funds to the Smile Train Organization, while BF Hats donates a portion from every purchase to Ronald McDonald House of Dallas.

When it comes to staying authentic in the world obsessed with perfection, Carden suggests focusing on what matters to you in life and not vanity metrics such as likes.

“When we focus on what truly matters to us, we attract people who have the same values and aspirations,” said Carden.

She also says that it is critical to be confident and comfortable with who you are and remember that most of what we see on social media is only one side of the coin.

“I really enjoy modeling in my free time, and I use my online platform as my modeling portfolio. But, does it mean that I never had bad days? Of course not. Nobody has a perfect life, no matter what you see on Instagram,” said Carden.

Some final tips she lives by on and offline include believing in personal abilities, establishing boundaries, and always reflecting a warm and accepting heart to herself and others.

About Bryn Carden
Bryn Carden is a young entrepreneur and philanthropist with a passion for real estate and design. She is currently studying at Neeley School of Business, pursuing a major in Finance with a Real Estate Concentration. Besides working towards her degree, she has already begun her entrepreneurial journey as a co-founder of BF Hats and a creator of Styles for Smiles - a company selling bracelets to help fund cleft palate operations for children in developing countries.

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Name: Bryn Carden
Email: Send Email
Organization: BF Hats
Address: 770 Cantegral St, Dallas 75204