Bruce Springsteen Gives Big Business a Marketing Lesson on Selling Their Brand

Bruce Springsteen has given big business a major lesson on marketing their brand and making a profit in their business. The Boss has 49 years of experience in the music business and a lot to teach young new executives.

A blogger in the sleepy small town of Bunbury, Western Australia has revealed "The Springsteen Model", including 7 marketing lessons that Bruce Springsteen teaches business and how these basics are the groundwork to any profitable business.

A musician that makes millions of dollars can teach big business a lot about running a business. Bruce Springsteen is reportedly worth around USD 250 Million and is better qualified than most to advise on running a profitable business.

"I researched these 7 marketing lessons that Bruce has mastered in his business" said Sean Rasmussen, who has been blogging full time since 2005. "Each and every one of these lessons are basic, yet every business must master them if they want to succeed".

"This is also where most businesses fail" revealed Rasmussen.

"The key is to stay with the times and re-invent yourself when you need to" Mr Rasmussen said. " Bruce Springsteen has been a musician for 49 years and he has all of the qualities of a successful, profitable business."

The Springsteen Business Model comprises of 7 crucial points that businesses must follow to be successful:

1. Be passionate.
2. Deliver on your promises.
3. Have repeat customers.
4. Make your products easily to purchase.
5. Be 100% committed to your business and customers.
6. Have staying power.
7. Have the respect of your team.

"In Bruce Springsteen's case, everyone loves The Boss" Rasmussen says with a smile. "I have been a fan for 36 years and I have in fact based my own blogging business on the Springsteen Model".

"I knew by publishing "The Springsteen Business Model" on my blog, Bruce would literally be helping 1000's of businesses improve their bottom line" revealed Rasmussen. "I have enjoyed the fruits of this basic method. Why not share it around?".

On the eve of yet another sold out concert in Melbourne, Australia, Bruce Springsteen proves that he has passion, staying power and commitment to his fans. Like any successful business, Springsteen knows how to deliver a great service.

While many people simply enjoy the music of "The Boss", many more will be inspired by this event to apply the 7 steps from "The Springsteen Model" and enjoy the fruits in their business.

About: Sean Rasmussen is a social media and content marketing consultant for Australian business and has a Fortune 500 company on his client's list. His favorite past time is to blog about the things he loves and make a business from it. Read more about Sean Rasmussen and his work here:

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