Bruce Springsteen Fan Reveals: How to Make Millions More With a Few Tweets

Bruce Springsteen's social media marketing was reviewed by a long time fan who worked out how to make millions more in profits during The Boss' latest tour in Australia.

An attendee of the first ever Bruce Springsteen concert in Perth, Australia, kept a close eye on the social media activity surrounding the clever Springsteen marketing machine. During 3 hours of the concert he thought of a small tweak that could make the Springsteen camp millions of extra profits in the coming weeks.

"I watched Twitter and Facebook during the concert expecting huge activity from attendees and people at home" said Sean Rasmussen, who has been a Springsteen fan for 36 years. "At some stage, I thought I heard online crickets. It was virtual social media silence"

"Sure, I was there for the concert but I am also a marketer" says Rasmussen. "I love what the Springsteen marketing machine has done with Social Media and their online activity in general. They just fell short of creating the 'extra buzz' and get Springsteen trending all over social media".

Mr Rasmussen suggested only some minor changes that would make a Musician like Bruce Springsteen the Boss of Social Media. It requires only 1 person watching Springsteen's social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus during this process.

1. Ask fans to Tweet and comment on Facebook before the concert.
2. Encourage live tweeting during the concert.
3. Engage the fans with Likes, Re-Tweets and replies.

It only takes a few hundred people, in a short time to be active on a topic to make it trend in social media such as Twitter. The added attention creates buzz and a virtual feeding frenzy for fans and all the onlookers that want to know what is going on.

"It sounds very simplistic. That's because it is" says Rasmussen. "Social media is all about feeding the conversation. Bruce's fans are already the most passionate in the world. They don't need much encouragement to help get Bruce Springsteen trending worldwide on social media".

Any business can learn great lessons from the Springsteen marketing machine. They do a great job but perhaps rely a bit much on their offline publicity to get traction online.

"Some extra activity at the right time, during concerts, would put Millions of extra profits in the coffers though record sales, concert tickets and merchandise" says Mr Rasmussen.

That little bit of extra effort would truly make Bruce Springsteen the Boss of Social Media.

About: Sean Rasmussen is the founder of Webvision 2020. He has been marketing full time online since 2005 and specializes in blogging, content marketing and social media for business brands. Read more about his Bruce Springsteen social media review here:

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