Brooklyn Leasing Company Launches Monthly Special Car Leasing Deals

NY Lease have created a monthly special to offer a particular car at unbeatable value every month, as part of their commitment to unbeatable deals.

Leasing a car makes far more sense than buying one for most modern commuters. The technology available in cars and the sheer number released per year mean that those who view their vehicle as a status symbol – and more do in New York than anywhere else on earth – must keep up to date with the latest vehicle. NY Lease offers car leasing in Brooklyn, and make it easier than ever to get a great vehicle at a great price with their hot deals and lease deals. Now, they’ve added a monthly special to help make leasing irresistible.

This month’s special is a Lotus CT200H, a hybrid gas-electric vehicle that gets optimum mileage in stop and go traffic, perfect for New York commuting. The Lexus also has better finishing both within and without compared to the Prius, and for this month is available at just $279 per month.

March’s monthly special is hotly anticipated, and the company will continue the monthly special on top of their already existing hot deals and lease specials. The company is committed to providing clients with an unbeatable service, and provides dedicated customer service staff to ensure every lease deal is optimized to the individual client’s circumstances.

A spokesperson for NY Lease explained, “New York leads the world in so much, from finance to community to construction. We believe that this city truly is the best in the world, and its native citizens deserve the best treatment in the world, the best cars and the best deals. That’s why we set out to provide exactly that, and the new monthly special is an excellent way for those who might be looking for an automobile update in 2014 to see plenty of new and unique opportunities to do so.”

About NY Lease:
Customers can lease cars from NY Lease with one hundred percent confidence. They lease only brand-new, factory-fresh cars and never stock or used cars. All cars are covered by the manufacturers full factory warranty and can be serviced by any dealer in the manufacturer’s network. NY Lease can normally have a new car ready for the next business day, to be picked up or delivered to the home or office.

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