Broil King Fosters Grilling Movement with Launch of Latest Cooking System Lineup

Combining the variety of dining out with the comfort of barbecuing brings the best of both worlds to the table, publishes

As spring makes its entrance and promises a segue into summertime, an estimated 80 percent of the North American population expresses plans to cook out during the months to come. Those involved in this growing trend reap health benefits on a number of levels. In an effort to foster the grilling movement, a Broil King spokesperson has launched the company's latest gas barbecue lineup.

Said the spokesperson, "People can grill hot dogs and hamburgers on pretty much anything with an open flame, but the world is growing bored with the typical cook-out menu. Our gas barbecues are designed to bring optimum versatility to the table. With our cooking systems, the public can enjoy a wide variety of different foods, from veggies to seafood and desserts. We also offer the freedom to create meals in many different styles rather than the conventional grilled effect."

Grilling out offers a couple of key health benefits when compared to restaurant menus. People tend to choose more fresh food options for the grill; in addition, this cooking method promotes meals with lower fat and salt content. Both are contributing factors in lowering blood pressure as well as maintaining healthy weight loss. Barbecuing is also a more budget-friendly alternative to restaurant dining while providing comparable ease in post-meal cleanup efforts.

A number of the consumers surveyed indicated grilling at home eliminates much of the stress associated with eating out. Traffic encounters while driving to a restaurant tend to be a significant culprit in increasing stress. Dealing with crowds in popular dining establishments adds to the frustration for many as opposed to a quiet family meal on the patio. Though some say they enjoy donning their nicest clothes for a night out, the majority insist the casual atmosphere of grilling at home is a considerable advantage.

Concluded the Broil King representative, "Despite the numerous benefits of the barbecue, the downfall for many families has been a lack of variety when grilling at home. Our new selection of cooking systems combines the best of both worlds. As an added bonus, we've also developed an assortment of barbecue recipes for all types of meat, fish and seafood along with vegetables, side dishes, desserts and marinades for extra flavor and diversity. We offer a line of accessories to make barbecuing easier as well."

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