British Live Steam Releases New Model

One of Australia's biggest suppliers of live steam model trains has released two brand new models. Both are part of the Gauge 1 (45mm) line, offering unique and classically British designs.

Model train collection has long been a popular hobby for train enthusiasts across Australia. Furthermore, the concept of live steam trains has grown in favour, offering more functionality for model trains. British Live Steam is one of the most well-respected providers of these model trains for the Australian market. As a result, the company is always keen to bring out new products for keen collectors to buy. Recently, they unveiled not one but two brand new models: The Britannia and The Newcastle Flyer. Both new models are currently believed to be in stock on their website, with immediate delivery available.

Perfect replicas of classic steam locomotives
Both of the new products are presented as classic scaled-down replicas of real steam locomotives seen in Australia. The NSWGR 3800 class - also known as the Newcastle Flyer - was built between 1943 and 1949 for use across New South Wales Government Railways. The new model replica is accurately designed to mimic the classic style of this steam train. It comes in green livery, with a butane fired gauge 1 (45mm) live steam engine.

Similarly, the Britannia Class steam locomotive is also available in British Railways green livery, with a fully-functional steam engine as well. This was a popular 4-6-2 class locomotive in its time, and British Live Steams is said to be extremely proud to bring this unique product to the market. With the introduction of these two new offerings, it further expands what is already an impressive repertoire for the company.

The growing popularity of live steam models
Scale models of trains have always been popular due to their uniqueness and rarity. However, live steam models have become even more coveted over the last few years. With these products, a steam engine can be used to propel the train forward, offering a far more realistic look than other models. Some model trains are powered electronically, which ruins some of the authenticity if it's supposed to replicate a steam locomotive.

With live steam, it replicates the movement and visuals of a proper steam engine. So, it's no wonder that they're highly desired by collectors and hobbyists all over Australia and the world. When paired with rideable railroads and railway systems, it creates a fun hobby that anyone can enjoy.

About British Live Steam
British Live Steam is an Australian-based company with customers all over the globe. They're a leading supplier of live steam locomotives, offering a variety of different trains and parts for customers to purchase. They're committed to delivering the highest quality products at all times, ensuring all customers can find the models they're after.

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