British Children's Book Brand, Happies, have invented 5 Instant Testing Kits and 1 Vaccine; now seeking manufacturing partners

British Children’s Book Brand, Happies, have invented 5 Instant Testing Kits and a vaccine to protect families and businesses from the CoronaVirus. They are looking to partner with ethical companies and government bodies to get the testing kits to market as quickly as possible

Happies, A British Children’s Book Brand have invented testing kits for instant diagnosis of the coronavirus, with an initial focus on countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, where large numbers of Corona Virus cases have been documented.

The Corona Virus Tracker provides us a crucial insight into the exponential increase of sars-cov-2 cases. From 799 documented cases in the USA on March 13, 2020 to 90,000 cases, and from 1832 cases in the United Kingdom to 585, 909, all within just 30 days. The stay at home order made by the governments of many cities in the United States and the United Kingdom, has been instrumental in slowing down the Corona Virus pandemic, however several problems still exist for these countries.

Current testing methods using nasopharyngeal swabs followed by lab tests is time consuming. Nasopharyngeal swab testing may be painful or traumatising for children. An individual may contract the virus whilst waiting for lab results. Therefore, a need exists to instantly test and retest for COVID-19. Instant testing Kits will be crucial in bringing the global pandemic to a halt.

It might appear unusual for a Children’s publishing brand to invent solutions to the Corona Virus, however, this is inline with the brand’s mission to make children smarter. The inventions are the work of Happies’ Creative Director, Hana Artist, a polymath, who studied Chemistry at The University of Nottingham and was able to effectively utilise scientific research by Suman Bhattacharjee, a Biologist in Kolkata India and research by Harvard Health Publishing, to invent these five instant testing kits within 7 days.

Happies is desperately seeking appropriate partners, government and corporate, to manufacture, the five instant diagnosis testing kits to help bring the global pandemic to a halt.

Addressing the current pandemic, Hana Artist said “We need to get these testing kits to the people that need them the most as quickly as possible and in order of priority. Banks, Grocery Stores, Supermarkets, people handling and working with food and online delivery fulfilment companies need instant testing kits.

Banks need to mitigate potential staff shortages and eliminate any possibility of fraud by staff working from home, with access to data and banking information of individuals and companies. The NHS needs instant testing kits to cope with the pandemic

Supermarkets, farms and people like butchers who will handle organic meat daily, need instant testing kits to stop COVID-19 cases. We need to ensure that companies like UPS and DPD, delivering packages daily, to families at home, as well as to businesses, have instant testing kits for their employees to prevent the spread of COVID-19’’.

Alongside the inventions, Happies have created a simple route to market document, outlining the resources required to get the inventions to the people who need them the most as quickly as possible.

Addressing the economic impact of COVID-19 on Happies, Creative Director, Hana Artist also said ‘Put simply, the Coronavirus tried to take down Happies, by attacking our exact business model, supplying restaurants, hotels and families with books that make children smarter, so we retaliated by inventing a solution to take down the coronavirus.

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