Brisas Carpet Care Launches Campaign For Public Awareness Of Pathogens In Carpets

Brisas Carpet Care offers safe, effective, environmentally friendly cleaning methods and raises awareness of pathogens in carpets.

Studies performed by the health care industry indicate household carpets contain hundreds of harmful microscopic organisms including dust mites, pollen, mold, fungi, viruses and bacteria. Vacuuming may eliminate a small percentage of these pathogens; however, most common household vacuums only serve to distribute such particles into the air. In an effort to promote more healthy indoor air quality, Brisas Carpet Care has launched a campaign to increase public awareness of the health issues stemming from improperly cleaned carpets.

Ricki Kahn, co-owner of Brisas Carpet Care, confirmed, "Viruses that cause influenza and the common cold are among the many pathogens living in household carpets. One square inch of carpet can hold up to 200,000 bacteria cells including salmonella, strep and E. coli. In addition to those living organisms found in homes, countless other allergens are also lurking in carpets. Pet dander, tobacco smoke, chemical fumes from glue, paints and even household cleaners are absorbed by carpet, rugs and upholstery. All these particles can cause serious illnesses, severe allergic reactions and respiratory infections. Regular carpet cleanings are about more than simply making a home look clean; they are about maintaining the health of the families living within."

Continued Kahn, "We start with a natural preconditioning solution, paying extra attention to stains, and lightly agitating those stains with a grooming brush. Next, a manual cleaning tool is used to remove the majority of the dirt as well as the solution. We use pressurized, super heated water extraction in our cleaning methods. The high water pressure generated by our truck mounted pumps loosens dirt and harmful particles left behind by traditional vacuums. Our powerful heaters raise the temperature of the water enough to kill viruses and bacteria and dissolve any harmful allergens."

Kahn went on to explain, "Once the carpets or upholstery have been thoroughly cleaned, our powerful vacuuming systems effectively remove dirt, pathogens, allergens and odors, as well as the water and cleaning solutions. Many of the cleaners found on store shelves present themselves as being effective in cleaning carpets and other fabrics, but they rarely live up to their claims. Most of them are chemical based and can cause as many health problems as the allergens already present. We use only the highest quality and most environmentally friendly cleaning products, all of which have been proven to clean efficiently while still safe for use around people and pets. For any questions concerning our services or to schedule a consultation, potential clients may visit our website,"

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Founded in 2004, Brisas Carpet Care provides safe, effective carpet and upholstery cleaning throughout the Metro Vancouver area. Their mission is to provide satisfactory results and build long term relationships with their clients. Their business is built on their expertise and their understanding of the varying needs of their clients. Those in need of Brisas Carpet Care services are encouraged to visit their website,

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