Bring Action Figures to Life with the Mission 375 Diorama System and Accessories

Live on Kickstarter, Mission 375 Lets Hobbyists and Collectors Build Their Own Diorama Set While Bringing Their Action Figures to Life.

Mission 375 Diorama System, the all-new diorama set giving hobbyists the ability to create new worlds to display their action figures, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Action figures are now more popular than ever. With collecting no longer a niche pastime, hobbyists are beginning to look beyond the simple shelf to share and showcase their favorite figures. Mission 375 has created a high quality diorama system that allows users to customize and build the perfect scenery, no matter the character.

“In recent years, I've seen more and more brands producing high quality moveable action figures. Even though the details and quality of the figures are spectacular, I still felt something was missing about them. They didn't look complete by just posing or standing on the shelves or desk,” says creator Odie on the inspiration behind the project. “After a long search for a diorama set on the market to make my figures look more awesome to display; what I found were mostly lacking in details and finishing, or they didn’t always fit with the theme and characteristic of the figures. Many of those dioramas are for model builders, which require a certain level of skillset to make it looks good.”

The Mission 375 Diorama System is heavily inspired by 70s & 80s sci-fi movies; designed in an industrial, near-future sci-fi style which is a common and theme fitting for a lot of popular action figures on the market. All of Mission 375 structure parts and accessories are painted with realistic weathering effect to go with some of the action figures on the market today that are produced with weathering effects. Most importantly, it is ready to play right out the box, without modification and expert coloring skill. With only 4 structure parts- skeleton frame, system panel, interlocking rail, and connector; users can assemble and connect them in any way they imagine to construct different structures, bases, scenes and stands.

Thanks to the unique interlocking system of Mission 375, users can create dioramas as simple as a basic stand with 1 set of structure part, to more elaborate worlds with multiple sets of structure parts. The system looks great with figure scales from 1:18, 1:28, 1:12, and 1:6. Collectors can mix and match their favorite figures all on the same diorama. To complement the diorama set, Mission 375 also offers tool and structure accessories as well as ambient LED lighting to give the set even greater life and context.

“One of the main key features of our diorama system is that you can build them any way you want. It’s like Lego for action figures. With only 4 structural parts, there is no limitation of how and what you can build. And the standardized structure frame allows the floor and wall panels to be easily switched out,” adds Odie. “We are offering only 2 styles of theme panels at this crowdfunding stage - maintenance and military themes. But this engineering design allows us to offer a large variety of themes in the future, such as spacecraft interior, high tech medical bay, cyberpunk building exterior etc. The best part of all this is that the end user doesn’t have to purchase the entire set of dioramas again. The system is extremely flexible in that sense. The longevity of it is endless, it can only get more fun to play with.”

Mission 375 is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Mission 375

Mission 375 is a small group of toy & figure fanatics who want to share our ideas to the rest of the world. We create toys that enhance your toys, enable you to extend the love for them and the joy they bring.

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