Brian's Guitars Announces an Alternative to One-Of-A-Kind Artist Guitars

Unique guitars can sell in the tens of thousands or even millions, yet every musician can have a great guitar by visiting this website, reports

On February 1, 2016, the Zac Brown Band begins auctioning off one-of-a-kind guitars that are works of art in an effort to raise money for Brown's charity, Camp Southern Ground. Brown personally used these guitars during his 2015 tour and turned them over to artists to make these masterpieces. Unfortunately, everyone cannot afford to purchase one of these guitars and there will be a limited supply, yet consumers find they can still get a great instrument and save money while doing so by making use of Brian's Guitars.

"We are the consumer's online source for new and used guitars, both electric and acoustic. In addition, to ensure artists have everything they need, our company also offers effects pedals and amps. We serve as an authorized dealer for major guitar manufacturers, including Taylor Acoustics and Don Grosh, with the goal being to pair each client with the perfect guitar for their needs," Brian Giampietro, founder of Brian's Guitars, states.

Guitars are believed to have been around for more than 4,000 years now, and researchers found an iconographic representation of a musical instrument that had many of the essential features of guitars that is more than 3,300 years old. One-of-a-kind guitars remain in hot demand today. In fact, Eric Clapton's Strat guitar once sold for $1 million dollars at an auction in 2005. The Qatar royal family purchased the instrument before donating it to "Reach Out to Asia", a tsunami charity. The guitar was then sold again for a record $2.7 million dollars.

"Although it would be nice for every guitar player to have a one-of-a-kind guitar designed by a major artist such as Zac Brown or Eric Clapton, this isn't feasible. The cost is simply too high for most, yet we ensure every artist has an instrument they love and want to play every day. Thanks to the wide variety of instruments we offer, finding the right fit isn't difficult," Giampietro continues.

Playing guitar teaches patience and discipline, and this is only one of many benefits associated with learning to play this instrument. Individuals who play guitar find that creating music helps to lower their stress level and blood pressure, and learning to play a difficult piece gives an artist a sense of accomplishment. Every musician finds their own style and can emanate it when playing, and playing the guitar is a form of physical exercise. Surprisingly, playing guitar burns is estimated to burn 90 calories an hour.

"Check out our selection of guitars today. Whether you are a brand new player or someone who has been using a guitar for many years now, we will help you find the right instrument and accessories for your needs. Be sure to check out our Website also, as you'll find a great deal of information on what we carry on the site. We can't wait to work with you," Giampietro states.

About Brian's Guitars:

Brian's Guitars offers new and used electric and acoustic guitars, amps and effects pedals and serves as an authorized dealer for major brands, such as Paul Reed Smith, Martin and Victoria Amps. The goal is to pair each customer with the perfect guitar for their needs while striving to have the best customer service in the industry. In addition, the company specializes in brokering customer specs builds with PRS and Bill Nash, along with one-of-a-kind PRS private stock pieces.

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