Brexit Deal: EU’s Take On Britain

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The member states of the EU (European Union) have been collectively ruled out with respect to the withdrawal agreement on the Brexit deal.

The leaders of the EU (European Union) have recently launched a campaign that aims at selling the Brexit deal on the “take it or leave it” condition. The EU ambassadors in the given Brexit deal have collectively agreed upon the fact that it is impossible to make any major change in the current scenario. As such, the EU has been ruled out with around 585 pages of withdrawal text. In the EU, the 27 member states have unanimously ruled out the redrafting of the agreement during the meeting with the chief negotiator of the EU, Michael Barnier.

Barnier made the statement to the EU ambassadors that they should not be engaging in any sort of “bargaining,” even after the existing political conditions in the United Kingdom. A large number of British cabinet ministers have preferred continuing their stay in the respective posts with the aim of engineering some major change in the given agreement.
Germany & France have indeed applied pressure on the European Commission towards putting a more “positive” form into the political declaration of the draft with respect to the future trade deals accompanying the given withdrawal agreement, which is still under negotiation with the British.

Ambassadors for Germany & France have called for a preamble to be included in the 7-page document that was due to be published. The document had both the sides committing to an “ambitious, yet deep relationship” aimed at reflecting the previous language of the British Prime Minister.

There have also been moves towards toughening the demands on the United Kingdom with respect to the political declaration of the trade-off, offering EU fishing fleets access to British waters, along with the ability for UK firms to sell fish in European markets. A respective section on the requirements of the parties involved in the UK can also be boosted for ensuring proper dynamic alignment. This calls for the involvement of a array of Brussels rules for reassuring the member states of EU that Britain will not be enjoying the competitive advantage from any future deal. However, the EU diplomats have insisted that the respective member states were open to assisting the prime minister.

After months of negotiations,the UK and EU have finally come up with a withdrawal agreement that aims at covering how much money the UK owes to the EU -about what would happen to the border of Northern Ireland and what would happen to the citizens of the UK who are living elsewhere. It also proposes a process of avoiding the return of the physical border of Northern Ireland. It would be up to the parliament of the United Kingdom along with the member states of EU to ratify the given agreement.

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