Brestrogen Buy Announces Results of Breast Enlargement Cream Touts Effectiveness

Breast enlargement cream produces results similar to those seen with surgery.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 330,000 women in the United States elected to have breast augmentation surgery in 2012, with 72 percent selecting silicone gel implants and 28 percent opting for saline-filled implants. "Although this surgery remains the most popular cosmetic procedure in the country, many women remain hesitant to go under the knife as they are worried about the risks associated with any type of surgery and also about the risks associated with breast implants. For women in this category, Brestrogen remains a viable option," George Lucas of Brestrogen Buy ( declares

When one chooses to undergo breast augmentation surgery, she must understand the risks associated with the procedure. Anesthesia comes with its own set of risks and breast augmentation surgery leads to pain, scarring, and possibly the loss of feeling in all or part of the breast. "Women unwilling to assume these risks love Brestrogen as they find they have firmer, perkier breasts in only six to seven weeks, and they don't have to exercise to get them," Lucas explains

Brestrogen consists of natural ingredients, including Pueraria mirifica, and works to enhance the breasts naturally. This ingredient contains phytoestrogens, a substance which mimics Oestogen, the body's natural breast enhancement hormone. Women who apply the cream to the breasts twice a day see the breasts lift and firm. According to Lucas, this is the result of nutrients from the cream being absorbed into the skin. These nutrients work to support and shape the ligaments surrounding the breasts, while expanding and increasing the fatty tissues and lengthening the milk ducts.

Women often question the effectiveness of products which claim to produce results similar to those seen with breast augmentation surgery. What makes Brestrogen stand out from other products on the market today is the study conducted by the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand. The ministry found that women making use of this product witness an increase in breast enlargement by 82.35 percent and an increase in firmness by 88.23 percent.

"Any woman looking to increase their breast size should consider making use of Brestrogen as an alternative to costly and risky breast enlargement surgery. As reviews of Brestrogen show, this product really works and consumers are impressed with the results. Order Brestrogen today and try it as you are sure to love how you look with regular use of this cream," Lucas proclaims.

About examines the breast enhancement product known as Brestrogen to determine if it lives up to its claims. This product works to provide women with sexy curves and a positive outlook, by lifting, firming, and increasing the size of the breasts. This all-natural, risk-free alternative incorporates pueraria mirifica, a plant concentrate, capable of improving breast size and firmness as seen in research studies. The use of Brestrogen allows users to avoid costly surgical treatment while still obtaining the desired results.

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