Breeze Blocker Expands Selection of Popular Cold Weather Air Conditioner Covers

New through-the-wall AC-unit cover options make company's products even more attractive, providing a top-quality, more effective alternative to the usual ugly approaches, Breeze Blocker reports

Breeze Blocker, a maker of high-quality, affordable air conditioning covers, announced an expansion of the company's line of products. Several new options have been added to the already extensive selection of Breeze Blocker covers, giving customers even more ways to conveniently and effectively cover up through-the-wall air conditioning units for the winter. Breeze Blocker covers do away with the unsightly garbage bags and other ad-hoc means that are traditionally used to stop such AC units from causing drafts during winter, offering a number of compelling advantages in a durable, cost-effective form.

"We're happy to report that, after listening to customer feedback, we have launched several new AC cover options," Breeze Blocker representative Terry Boone said, "These new covers are going to make it easier than ever to find the perfect Breeze Blocker for a given application."

Most commonly found in apartment buildings, through-the-wall air conditioning units are mounted in permanent sleeves that extend past both the inside and outside walls of buildings. When temperatures drop and their cooling is no longer needed, such units often allow cold outside air to seep within. Worse yet, many through-the-wall units are too small for the sleeves they occupy, resulting in gaps that can make the problem worse.

Building managers and tenants typically seek to address this issue by covering the units in some way until the weather gets warmer. Often, this means making use of ugly plastic garbage bags or similar materials, a tactic that offers some relief but comes with a number of downsides.

The Breeze Blocker cover was created by an independent apartment owner to offer an uncompromising, truly satisfying answer to this common problem. Available in a number of sizes that stretch to fit air conditioning units of all common dimensions, as well as a range of colors that blend in beautifully with most exteriors, Breeze Blockers can be obtained in both exterior and interior versions.

Even when applied to undersized, improperly fitting AC units, Breeze Blockers install almost instantly, simply stretching and holding firm thanks to built-in, heavy, elastic, internally sewn shock cords. With a strong, durable vinyl exterior surface and a soft, insulating fleece interior, a Breeze Blocker blocks cold drafts far more reliably than simple garbage bags and the like possibly can.

They are also much more attractive. An apartment building equipped with exterior Breeze Blocker covers is a much more appealing place to prospective tenants, and interior Breeze Blockers help keep current tenants proud of and happy with their living arrangements. Breeze Blocker covers also put an end to the kinds of damage often associated with the usual alternatives, as when duct tape used to secure garbage bags ruins paint and finishes.

The full range of Breeze Blocker products, including the recently introduced new models, is available to buy at the company's website. Breeze Blocker covers are also carried by a number of regional and national distributors and retailers, such as Grainger, Allied Appliance, Mid-Lakes Distributing, Wilmar, Barnett, Maintenance USA, and more.

About Breeze Blocker:
Invented by an apartment owner and manager working in Illinois and Wisconsin, the Breeze Blocker through-the-wall air-conditioner cover provides a satisfying, convenient, affordable solution to the problem of wintertime AC unit drafts, doing away with ugly garbage bags for good.

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